5 Digital Marketing Strategies to Fuel Your eCommerce Growth

Is your aim to become the next 7 to 8-figure eCommerce brand success story? 

Then let’s get straight to the point—there’s no magic formula that will launch your online store to success. All it takes is applying the right digital marketing strategies to the right places at the right time.

In today’s standards, the right strategies often consist of customer-centric tactics. In other words, you need to use tactics that require deeper data-driven insights into your target audience.

We have put together a handy downloadable report filled with insights from industry partners and experts from Klaviyo, Gorgias, ROAS Media, Tapcart, Okendo, and more on the aspects you need to zero in so that you can take the right steps to scale from $1M to $10M plus!

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Your Digital Marketing Strategies Should Always Stay in Touch with Your Consumers’ Dynamic Nature

What consumers today find engaging and valuable is totally different from what consumers from 10 years ago would seek. The purchasing power of consumers is more prominent today than ever before.

This is especially true now with younger generations becoming digitally fluent, giving them access to more resources when it comes to their purchase behavior.

So, what exactly are the major changes in today’s market that your digital marketing should synchronize with? What tactics can you leverage to win the trust and loyalty of today’s more critical consumers?

1. Utilize the Power of Generation Z Consumers

The best way to reach out to your GenZ customers is by accurately targeting them with tailored and relevant content

Source: Insense

Spray-and-pray marketing simply won’t cut it, especially with younger consumers. The more disconnected you make them feel from your brand, the less likely you’ll win their trust.

Speaking of trust! It’s been proven that GenZ customers can sniff out ads as soon as they see one and disconnect instantly with one quick swipe. That’s why authenticity is key for this audience, and nothing does it better than user-generated content. 

Source: Insense

Consider including these points in your digital marketing strategies

  • Craft creative and custom visuals and messages in your marketing efforts that reflect your GenZ customers’ preferences and interests. 
  • Produce more creator content to use on social media, email marketing and your website that appears authentic and resonates with the GenZ audience.

Gen Z consumers highly appreciate brand transparency, where brands openly communicate important information and updates about their operations. Most importantly, Gen Z consumers have a better understanding of their own value as customers.

They’re more critical of the balance between the beneficial value and monetary value of the products they buy. They would opt to spend if they could see the clear benefit(s) they will be getting without any sales spiel. 

2. Maximizing Consumer Acquisition with Creator-generated Content (CGC)

This is similar to user-generated content (UGC) but created using social media content creators. Note - content creators are different to influencers. Influencers are individuals whose fame/image/popularity has an influencer on their audience. Content creators on the other hand are experts at creating image or video content. 

Using content creators for video content (such as for organic posts and ads) appears more authentic to the customer than using an influencer. The Gen Z audience is aware that those influencers are more often than not getting paid to post. However, content creators are still lying under the radar in this sense.

Source: Insense

Creators tend to specialize in a niche (e.g. skincare, beauty, home hacks, bikes, pets, children, etc) and their followings vary. To create winning content, those creators don’t necessarily need huge followings especially if the content is to be posted straight to the brand website or social media page. But if you want to use the creator’s niche audience, then it’s definitely important to consider their audience metrics for optimal results.

Create collaborations with relevant creators to reach out to your target audience. Showcase their content in your promotional materials to add that extra push to your products’ sell-ability.

Here’s a great example of how ForChics showcased someone’s CGC in their promotional campaigns:

UGC example

3. Optimize the Power of Social Commerce

According to Smart Insights, 58.4% of the world’s population uses social media as of January 2022. More than half of the world hangs out on social media platforms—a BIG opportunity for digital marketers looking for leads.

The great part about social commerce is that when you post promotional content, someone is bound to run into it. This, however, is not effective in getting you high-quality leads.

So, how can you leverage your social media channel effectively as part of your digital marketing strategy?

ACTIONABLE: Retarget people who previously visited your online store

Social media is the perfect place to practice retargeting. How it works is once your site collects visitors' online behavior, you can have a retargeting partner display products that visitors showed interest in on their social media platform.

This is a great way to reintroduce these products to your visitors to get them to come back to your website and finally make a purchase. Social media retargeting can help you boost conversions, as 17.5% of online store apps running retargeting campaigns would see 25% conversion rates.

Source: Insense

4. Leverage Omnichannel Marketing

7 to 8-figure eCommerce brands often mention omnichannel marketing as part of their overall success strategy. This is because it involves you leveraging multiple marketing channels to maximize your customer reach.

Creating a seamless and consistent customer experience across all your channels is key. Think about it. Multiple channels mean meeting more customer touchpoints. This means more streamlining opportunities for your overall customer experience.

ACTIONABLE: Leverage your owned channels to optimize your omnichannel marketing

These owned channels would be your email, SMS, social media, and live chat service.

Why focus on your owned channels, specifically? It’s because these channels see faster responses from consumers, with multichannel consumers having 15 to 35% higher average transaction rates.

5. Invest in Lifecycle Marketing

Top it all off with a high-profit and sustainable brand growth plan. Lifecycle marketing is all about catering the eCommerce marketing experience to your target customers.

Focusing on customer satisfaction is key to your brand’s longevity. Customer retention doesn’t just benefit your customers—it has a practical benefit to your online store as well.

Relying on customer acquisition can cost your business up to 5x more compared to retaining your existing customers. Also, increasing your customer retention by even just as much as 5% can already increase your profits by a whopping 25%!

Dig deep into your customer data and optimize your marketing game plan for maximized customer engagement and retention. A successful eCommerce marketing game plan is one that’s made for both your brand and your customer base.

Source: Insense

Consider this checklist when crafting your digital marketing strategies:

  • Incentivize desirable customer behavior (repeat buyers, customer referrals, consistent customer loyalty) with rewards.
  • Keep in touch with your customers throughout and after the customer journey (nurture emails/SMS messages, post-purchase messages).
  • Reassure your customers of their buying decisions (educational content, UGC)

Long-term eCommerce Success Means Aiming for Sustainable Growth

As you’ve noticed, the recurring theme of these strategies is customer-centricity. Even 7 to 8-figure brands understand the scaling power of a satisfied customer base. 

If you own an eCommerce business and aren't happy with the results you're getting, or you’re finding it incredibly difficult to scale, maybe you need a roadmap to help you out!

For a limited time only, this blueprint will give you a step-by-step to plug profit leaks and 3-5x your email and SMS revenue! It may be the best business decision you’ll make this year. 

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