Top picks: how to market beauty products on social media and what makes a great marketing campaign

Domenic Smith
Domenic Smith
DTC brands independent consultant

With today’s generation of consumers continuously looking to visual social media platforms for beauty inspiration, Instagram becomes the most effective tool to market beauty products.  

In this article, we will introduce you the most effective strategies for building your beauty brand, and share a few campaign mechanics straight from the market that you could replicate.

Social media and beauty campaigns: a match made in heaven

It seems like social media's purpose was/is to be a marketplace for beauty products from the beginning. Check this: video tutorials, swatches in all possible flavours, an extensive network of influencers and other features make social media a perfect place for beauty brands to sprout and grow sales.

Besides promoting their products, experienced beauty brands learned to add extra value to the daily lives of their potential consumers. Let us explore the most common tactics that help beauty brands stand out on social media.

Most common tactics for a beauty brand to run a great social media campaign


Short ‘how to’ videos mix the best aspects of social media: entertainment and engagement. Tutorials help you to increase brand awareness and show-off beauty products in action. Use tutorials to convince undecided consumers and encourage them to try your products.

Branded hashtag

Establishing a branded hashtag helps to measure the social media reach of your posts, spot the negative comments and work them out on time, build a stock of user-generated content and collect testimonials with almost no effort.


Running a contest is a good strategy for a beauty brand that is ready to introduce itself to new audiences and boost social media reach fast. It can be give-aways and tag-a-friend campaigns or a contest based on a branded hashtag.


Retain consumers by strengthening their connection to your brand and building long-lasting relationships. Become a beauty insider, provide extra value for your consumers and educate them on skincare and healthy lifestyle.


User-generated content is the key to the consumer’s heart. Collaborations with micro-influencers serve as social proof to your not-yet-convinced shoppers and become a convenient source of organic ads.

Best beauty brands social media campaigns in 2020

Tarte Cosmetics

Here is the example of a brand positioning that is always there for its consumers. Following the quarantine trend, Tarte organised an ongoing live IGTV series called ‘how to’. These real-time tutorials create person-to-person connection during the times when people limited their visits to the off-line stores and help consumers to have a live experience together with their online consultant.

Huda Beauty

When it comes to abundance, there is no other beauty brand as Huda Beauty. One of the top beauty brands in the US goes beyond minimal and launches as many hashtags as product range allows, which means — plenty. Shoppers and future consumers can easily find all the tutorials and pictures of the desired product using a specific hashtag, as well as redo the whole look after picking all the products from the description.


The brand that relentlessly pushes the limits of creativity and advocates for artistry for all, NYX not just called for the brand ambassadors on social media but launched its annual Face Awards campaign. The contest brings together both influencers and consumers and results in impressive coverage and user-generated content for the rest of the year.

The next step in your beauty brand social media marketing strategy

No matter what format you choose to test your next hypothesis, remember that content is the king. Make sure you have your materials ready and planned a few steps ahead — and Insense will always back you up here.

Try Insense and find influencers to create original and enticing content for your audience. Reach out to more than 35000+ Instagram trusted influencers and find a partnership that would serve your strategy needs the most. Create an efficient campaign, increase your brand's online presence, and drive sales.

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