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Upper Echelon Products increased conversion rates from 8% to 20% with UGC

The Challenge

Upper Echelon Products wanted to drive external traffic to their Amazon product listing through UGC campaigns on social platforms. For this, they needed to scale their content production with the help of creators and micro-influencers.  

Their 2 influencer managers needed to cut down the amount of time they spent on manual outreach, so they chose Insense to speed up the process of finding experienced TikTok and Instagram creators for their campaigns.

Their influencer managers needed to reach their internal goals and metrics related to the number of creative assets produced each month. So they needed a scalable solution. If the content performed well, they would re-purpose it for organic Amazon content to turn those impressions into conversions.

The Solution

Through Insense, they were able to work with 250+ unique creators every month to produce a variety of content for different products. 

With over 40 products to promote, they wanted to make the process as easy as possible. So they asked the creators for ready-to-use content which could be immediately used rather than hiring a video editing team.

The team sourced a mixture of static images as well as videos to be used for organic posting. Then they repurposed this video content for ads on Instagram as well as Amazon Ads.

Upper Echelon Products' influencer marketing strategy included Instagram and TikTok UGC with the option to post on the creator’s feed, which was fundamental for the type of analysis they were looking to conduct.

As creators and micro-influencers have proven to have a higher engagement rate than studio-made content in recent studies, it was important for Upper Echelon Products to test different creators and their performance. They would later repurpose the best-performing ads to Amazon to increase their conversions. 

Scaling content production with a platform like Insense also allowed Upper Echelon Products to have better control over their budget which came in handy when they had to forecast their monthly costs.

The Results