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5 Stars United

Amazon influencer partnerships for Amazon live streaming and organic posting

5 Stars United

Used organic posting on Instagram to drive traffic to their 30+ Amazon stores

Paid an average of $28 per creative asset

Partnered with 50+ creators to do live streamings on Amazon

Insense is a marketplace to collaborate with creators for UGC, posting, and whitelisted ads. 
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This is how 5 Stars United used Insense to work with Amazon Influencer on several campaigns which included live streaming, UGC for their Amazon storefront, and organic posting on Instagram.

“Insense is solving 3 things for us: the problem of Amazon Influencer cooperation, product testing and getting static photo content” - Heorhii Horpenko

The Challenge

5 Stars United is an Amazon brand collective with 30 different brands selling a variety of consumer goods.

With so many brands, their marketing team was looking for a quick and scalable way to hire influencers and content creators to promote each brand without having to spend time doing manual outreach, handling the paperwork, or negotiating prices.

Their main goal was to drive traffic to their Amazon stores through organic social media but they knew that influencer marketing could be very expensive so they were searching for an affordable solution.

The Solution

On Insense they were able to send their products to the content creators and chat with them at all times. From these conversations, they obtained valuable insights about their Amazon products which were very helpful for their business. 

The platform allowed 5 Stars United to work with over 50 creators to run organic campaigns, giveaways, and bring traffic to their Amazon store.

From the collaborations on Insense they asked Amazon influencers to do live streamings on Amazon which helped them raise their conversion rates and product awareness. On top of that, they received a steady stream of UGC static images that they gave to their Media Buying team to repurpose into different marketing channels for social proof.


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