2.3x higher ROAS through consistent whitelisted ads


Over 300% quarter on quarter revenue growth

Continuous improvement of the brand KPI’s

Through whitelisted ads they got 2.3X higher ROAS

Insense is a marketplace to collaborate with creators for UGC, posting, and whitelisted ads. 
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In 2019 DCB Lab had acquired Jean-Patrique, an established and storied kitchenware brand that was struggling a modern market due to its very dated business model. Just one year later the brand triples its monthly turnover, shows massive growth in yearly revenue and a fantastic return on advertising spent.

Our company has worked with Insense for over a year. What started as a content-sourcing initiative - quickly turned into a comprehensive one-stop-shop Influencer management platform for our business. The ability to amplify effective posts through Facebook ads has added an entire dimension to our customer acquisition strategy and has significantly improved ROI.

Michael Malinsky,
Founder & CEO at DCB Lab

How did they achieve such a tremendous success? By leveraging the power of influencer marketing and user-generated content from Insense creators to drive their sales. In this new case study, we will show how DCB Lab utilized Insense and its various features to create a scalable influencer marketing solution to get tangible business results.

Why this campaign became a Success Story?

Using whitelisting allowed DCB Lab to optimize their social media marketing strategy and enhance the performance of user-generated content produced in partnership with Insense creators, achieving such tangible results as 2.3X ROAS, over 300% quarter on quarter revenue growth, and a continuous improvement of the brand KPI’s.


DCB Lab was founded in 2018 as a boutique incubator with an idea of bringing new brands into the business to accelerate their growth and giving existing brands a ‘digital makeover’, transforming them for the modern customer. In 2019 the company had acquired Jean-Patrique, an established kitchenware brand with two decades of history, a wide range of products, existing customers, but a very dated business model.


For years prior to DCB acquisition, Jean-Patrique had used to rely on a catalog/mail-order model, creating a loyal base of older consumers but establishing only a limited presence online. After setting up the acquisition funnel for Jean-Patrique, rehauling its business model, and launching digital channels, DCB Labs decided that influencer marketing had to play a major role in the online acquisition strategy in order to attract younger consumers. However, being a small start-up, they had to manage their influencer marketing strategy while operating in a small team and within a short timespan.


  • Variety of creators

Using Insense’s advanced filttering capabilities businesses can search for partners in different categories, locations, based on their engagement rate, or even by relevant thematic hashtags. This gave DCB an ability to discover the best influencers for their campaign in a pool of over 35,000 creators. The partnerships forged on Insense resulted in a variety of content targeting different segments of the audience, ranging from polished videos with high-production values and sleek aesthetics for younger people to less sophisticated, but very relatable and authentic content displaying Jean-Patrique’s products in action in an actual kitchen.

  • A scalable influencer marketing solution

By taking care of some of the more time-consuming elements and streamlining the whole process, Insense provided DCB a platform that was easy for a small team to work with and scale. Utilizing an in-built chat to coordinate and exchange feedback with all of their partners in the same place facilitated communication and allowed DCB to manage over 100 influencers at the same time with just one or two people. Additionally, the service alleviated the pain of negotiating and signing separate content deals with individual creators as businesses get full rights for the content produced on Insense in perpetuity.

  • Whitelisting integration

The whitelisting feature (a process that gives brands permission to access an influencer’s post, edit content and copy, and create paid promotions from their content) was an important part of DCB’s influencer marketing strategy as prioritizing the ability to repurpose user-generated content for their acquisition funnel over the organic reach allowed DCB to have accurate metrics to assess the results, and also gave them the freedom to test and experiment with the content further to optimize the performance.


DCB was able to run over 100 paid ads for Jean-Patrique with the user-generated content from Insense creators, achieving 2.3X ROAS, 300%+ quarter on quarter revenue growth, and continuing to improve brand KPI’s.

The campaign has also given DCB an insight into what are the key elements that worked for Jean-Patrique in influencer marketing, like length and type of content.


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