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Gained 300%+ quarter-on-quarter revenue growth from whitelisted ads


Food & Drinks


2.3x ROAS

Through consistent whitelisted ads they increased ROAS by 2.3

300%+ revenue growth

Jean Patrique saw 300%+ quarter-on-quarter revenue growth

100+ paid ads

Through partnerships with influencers on Insense, DBC Lab ran 100+ paid ads for Jean Patrique

Jean-Patrique and DCB Lab | Insense case studyTypes of collaborations

Founded in 1998 by a French chef living in the UK, Jean-Patrique started as catalog kitchenware and quickly grew an online eComm store with 450+ kitchenware products. In 2019 DCB Lab acquired Jean-Patrique, who was struggling in the modern market due to its very dated business model. Just one year later the brand tripled its monthly turnover, showing massive growth in yearly revenue and fantastic ROAS.


Food & Drinks

Insense Users

- Social Media Manager - Head of Growth Marketing

The Challenge

  • For years prior to DCB’s acquisition, Jean-Patrique used to rely on a catalog/mail-order model, creating a loyal base of older consumers but establishing only a limited presence online. After setting up the acquisition funnel for Jean-Patrique, rehauling its business model, and launching digital channels, DCB Labs decided that influencer marketing had to play a major role in the online acquisition strategy in order to attract younger consumers.
  • Being a small start-up with a small team, they need to find a way to easily manage their influencer marketing strategy within a short time span.

The Solution

By streamlining the end-to-end campaign management, Insense provided DCB with a platform that was easy for a small team to work with and scale. Through Insense their team of 2 was able to manage 100+ influencers, negotiate pricing and give content feedback in the direct chat, obtain full content copyrights, and automate contractual agreements.

Pro Tip:  

Using Insense’s 1-click whitelisting feature, DCB Lab optimized its social media marketing strategy and enhance the performance of UGC achieving such tangible results as 2.3X ROAS, over 300% quarter-on-quarter revenue growth, and a continuous improvement of the brand KPI’s.

Pro Tip:  

Because Insense is an all-in-one platform, DCB Lab was able to test different types of campaigns from organic posting to whitelisting on Instagram. They repurposed content across these campaigns and assessed the performance and continued to test different content variations to further optimize the performance.

Pro Tip:  
“Our company has worked with Insense for over a year. What started as a content-sourcing initiative - quickly turned into a comprehensive one-stop-shop Influencer management platform for our business. The ability to amplify effective posts through Facebook ads has added an entire dimension to our customer acquisition strategy and has significantly improved ROI.”
Michael Malinsky

Michael Malinsky

Founder & CEO, DCB Lab

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