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Any Age Activewear

Using product seeding to find mature female creators and reduce CPA by 33%


Sports + Fitness

Any Age Activewear


Product seeding campaign attracted many creators, providing the brand with high-performing content.

Lowered CPA by 33%

The brand decreased the CPA by testing the creatives in various ad sets on Meta.

Increased AOV by 20%

By hiring reliable creators, the brand encouraged increased spending on products

Any Age Activewear | Insense Case StudyTypes of collaborations

Any Age Activewear is a 2 year old eComm brand targeted at the underserved niche of women over 50, and their needs for their changing body types.


Sports + Fitness

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- CEO - Managing Partner

The Challenge

  • Any Age Activewear had many products in their warehouse and wanted to clear out their stock. So they were looking for an effective solution to ship the products to UGC creators and micro-influencers to produce content in exchange for the product via a product seeding campaign.
  • The brand needed an affordable solution to source a variety and volume of UGC creatives for creative testing. Since the business owner is managing campaigns himself, they wanted a solution that doesn’t require a lot of time from him. They also needed a solution that automated the legal processes since they wanted to work with a high volume of creators and needed to simplify the process.
  • They wanted to find a way to quickly get matched with creators aged 40+ to work with on long-term collaborations, who would resonate with their target audience to drive brand awareness.

The Solution

Leveraging Insense's campaign management feature, Any Age Active Wear has successfully executed 7 highly impactful product seeding campaigns, yielding an impressive conversion rate of 90%.

Pro Tip:  

Through their product seeding campaigns, they hired 36 creators that matched their target audience of mature women interested in lifestyle, health, and wellness. The brand set a 2-week content lead time, and received a total of 43 assets (13 raw videos, 7 ready-to-use videos and 23 photos) for creative testing. All of these creatives were instantly fully copyrighted to the brand in perpetuity.

Pro Tip:  

Also, as part of the strategy, they carried out post-production of these assets and subsequently tested the creatives in various ad sets on Meta. The outcome was exceptional: a remarkable 4 ROAS, a 33% reduction in CPA, and a significant 20% increase in AOV using Facebook exclusively.

Pro Tip:  
“The largest benefit of using the platform is being able to do product seeding campaigns, important for a clothing brand - where you need to test and learn numerous creatives. We need to use a lot of different body types, so Insense allows me to do that. Furthermore, I really like how I own the content in perpetuity/forever. As a brand owner, I do not have time to go back and look at usage rights, especially with the amount of influencers we use.”
Joseph Marra

Joseph Marra


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