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Partnered with TikTok influencers from 5+ countries to expand their international market




25+ influencers

The brand collaborated with over 25 influencers from 5 countries

40,000+ views

Generated 40k+ views and high engagement rates


Average price of $150 for 20-90 sec organic post on TikTok

BabyQuip's TikTok Success: Expanding Globally with InsenseeTypes of collaborations

BabyQuip is the #1 baby equipment rental service and marketplace offering thousands of baby gear items in over 1,000+ cities across the US, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Italy and Spain. We are improving the way families travel!



Insense Users

- TikTok Strategist & Partnerships - Social Media & Influencer manager

The Challenge

  • Because BabyQuip is a solution for families while travelling, their service is provided in many countries. So they needed a way to increase brand awareness and thus expand their business in those countries.
  • They needed a solution to easily match with TikTok influencers in various countries who are moms and dads and who are travelling/ going on vacation.

The Solution

Used the Insense filters to easily find TikTok influencers in specific markets (Canada, Australia, Italy, the UK, and the US), as well as # of followers, engagement rate, and median views.

Pro Tip:  
Insense has an engaged community of UGC creators and micro-influencers in 5 countries.

In 1 month, BabyQuip found and onboarded around 25+ TikTok influencers in the kids & parenting niche, with 2k - 200k followers with an 8% engagement rate on average and 1,000+ median views.

Pro Tip:  

The influencers were requested to create fully edited content (relatable 20-90 sec video reviews, testimonials or how-tos about the BabyQuip app) and then post the content to their TikTok feed.

Pro Tip:  
“We enjoy using Insense, and it has benefited BabyQuip's expansion overseas and on new social media platforms”
Leah Nolan

Leah Nolan

Social Media & Influencer Manager

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