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Ran 136 Whitelisted Ads on a 15K budget


Generated 345 creative assets

Ran 2 end-of-the-year holiday campaigns on a 15K ad budget

Collaborated with 68 unique creators

Insense is a marketplace to collaborate with creators for UGC, posting, and whitelisted ads. 
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Find out how Blissy increased their holiday campaign sales by using Insense to run a remarketing campaign with creator-licensed ads for 60 days.

“We like Insense because it is easy to work with the creators and we can get a constant flow of content” Vahe Haroutanian, CEO

Read more about their success story and how they used Insense below.

The Challenge

Since July 2021, Blissy had been using Insense to collaborate with multiple creators and scale user-generated content. However, in this case, the company specifically wanted to use the creator licensing feature on Insense to retarget its audience for their holiday campaigns. 

Blissy’s goal was to target prospects who had already engaged with their brand six months prior to the campaign’s launch. As this audience was already product aware and had shown signs of interest and engagement with the brand, using creator licensing (previously known as Whitelisting) was the best way to reengage that audience.  

It’s not always easy to find creators that not only meet your requirements but also want to  license their content. Insense’s briefing process allowed Blissy to easily find the kind of creators they were searching for and use their handle while the platform took care of all the paperwork. 

Blissy’s influencer manager alongside their media buying partner had decided they were going to launch two campaigns for the holiday season. For these campaigns, they planned on sharing holiday gifts and use creator-licensed ads with Insense.

Creator-licensed ads were perfect for their social proof strategy, as they allow brands to run ads using the creator’s handle.

The Solution

By collaborating with Insense, Blissy’s influencer manager was able to engage with as many creators as they wanted and customize their brief to the campaign’s specific needs. 

Blissy worked with 68 Instagram creators. They already knew the creator type they were looking for, it had to be an Instagram female content creator with no less than 5K followers and a 2% engagement rate, whose look and vibe matched their identity.

When briefing the creators, they requested that they sent raw footage and a final edited version. Also, they provided the content creators with a detailed script through Insense, which included specific hooks, call-outs, and different calls to action.

They allocated 10% of their overall ad budget to creator licensing (previously known as Whitelisting) and used dark posting in their campaigns. The creative assets showed different gift angles. All the creators promoted their holiday gifts and Blissy was able to have control over the videos and edit them before uploading them to the Facebook Ads manager. 


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