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Diet Smoke

How CBD brands can successfully partner with creators & influencers on Insense


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Diet Smoke

$0.33 CPC

Achieved a CPC of just $0.33

3 weeks

Were able to run their first ad set on TikTok in less than 3 weeks

1 team member

Campaign was managed by 1 team member with no previous knowledge about TikTok

Diet Smoke | Insense Case StudyTypes of collaborations

Diet Smoke is a leader amongst the Federally Legal, Hemp-Derived THC and CBD industry, known for their premium products, genuinely delicious flavors, and unmatched customer service. As the company has grown through the years they have tested out different online marketing strategies, most recently collaborating with influencers to increase brand awareness.


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- Assistant Brand Marketing Manager

The Challenge

  • They had never advertised on TikTok or used Spark Ads and so they needed some guidance navigating the complicated laws set by digital advertising platforms when it comes to marketing CBD products. They were eager to avoid losing time and money by having ads banned on TikTok. His search for a platform that could help with managing the process from briefing the creators all the way through to launching TikTok Spark Ads led them to Insense.
  • While they were seeing good results in building an engaged online following they knew they were not fully taking advantage of this organic engagement and that they could further leverage it to drive more awareness around their products and ultimately conversions. They saw TikTok as an opportunity and seeing that many other CBD brands have found their sweet spot there they also wanted to test it.
  • CBD companies face unique issues when marketing online, one of which is a hard-to-follow regulatory framework. Amazon, Instagram, Google, Facebook and TikTok all have unique rules for advertising CBD. The fact that the FDA still hasn’t classified CBD as a dietary supplement, and that not all states exactly match federal law causes regulations to vary and leading many digital platforms to officially ban or restrict CBD ads.

The Solution

After signing up to Insense Colby booked a strategy planning session with his Customer Success Manager, Thiago Nogueira, and together they developed a plan. The first step was understanding the best practices for advertising CBD products on TikTok. The Insense team explained the follow points: - Creators and influencers should avoid mentioning CBD/THC or the brand name in content - Product packaging should not be shown - Instead of directing potential customers to the brand website, set up a landing page (the url should make no mention of CBD/THC or the brand name)

Pro Tip:  

The next step was to create a detailed, easy-to-follow brief outlining the campaign objective, expectations, guidelines and deliverables to potential creators. The Insense team supported Colby in the creation of the brief, guiding him step by step in filling out the individual sections on the platform and sharing their expert knowledge when called upon. They also advised on the best practices when using Insense’s marketplace to source and choose creators that fit the campaign requirements.

Pro Tip:  

Once he received the content from creators via the platform, Colby connected with the Insense customer success team again. They shared the Insense Spark Ads Guide with him and together they went through the process of setting up and running Spark Ads on TikTok. Finally Diet Smoke launched its first ads, they were thrilled to see an immediate result in the first ad. Finally, all that was left was to sit back and wait for the results, and they spoke for themselves. Overall the ads achieved a CPC of just $0.33.

Pro Tip:  
“Working within the Insense platform itself has been fairly easy and their team has provided solutions on several occasions for the smallest issues.”
Colby Wohlleb

Colby Wohlleb

Assistant Brand Marketing Manager, Diet Smoke

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