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Easy A Media

How to get 100+ UGC assets in 45 days at zero cost through product seeding



Easy A Media

100+ UGC assets

Generated more than 100 product testimonials and review videos for Instagram

45 days

Successfully ran product seeding campaigns and received all content within 45 days

100 creators

Collaborated with 100 creators that matched the brands' identities and campaign requirements

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Easy A Media is a growth-focused digital marketing agency that utilizes UGC, conversion rate optimization, and creative strategy to acquire new customers and increase sales for DTC brands.



Insense Users

- Head Chef and Co-founder

The Challenge

  • The agency was facing challenges with sourcing high-quality content for their weekly ad creative testing process.
  • As a growth-oriented agency, they sought a solution that would empower their clients to enhance their marketing activities to boost their growth.
  • They also aimed to identify a cost-effective method for acquiring a substantial amount of UGC and providing it as a service to their clients.

The Solution

With the help of the Insense platform, Easy A Media started to run product seeding campaigns tailored to target specific audiences for their clients.

Pro Tip:  

Within just 45 days, they successfully hired 100 top creators from multiple niches and received back over 100 UGC assets.

Pro Tip:  

By receiving 100% authentic product reviews at zero cost, Easy A Media enabled their clients to boost their sales with high-quality content.

Pro Tip:  
"Our agency hired over 100 different creators, and generated over 100 different pieces of content for all of our clients for a whopping price of $0."
Spencer Pawliw

Spencer Pawliw

CEO and Co-founder

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