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How to generate 150 UGC videos at $0 cost with a product-seeding/gifting influencer campaign


Beauty & Care


168 influencers

Collaborated with 168 influencers over 2 months

$0 cost

Produced 147 UGC assets at zero cost

525 applications

Attracted 525 micro-influencers who applied for the campaign

goPure | Insense Case StudyTypes of collaborations

goPure Beauty is a growing, direct-to-consumer skincare brand committed to helping people live their best confident life.


Beauty & Care

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- Creative strategist - Influencer Manager - Media Buyer

The Challenge

  • As a smaller brand they are always looking to have a substantial supply of content go live from influencer channels and also a substantial supply of UGC content to use across their various marketing channels: websites, social media, emails, and paid ads.
  • Optimizing influencer costs was crucial due to the high volume of content needed for multiple campaigns and varying time frames.

The Solution

goPure decided to run product review and influencer gifting campaigns to get a significant amount of content at a minimal cost.

Pro Tip:  

Their team provided a storyline and questions for influencers to address in their 20-30 second videos, such as discussing their outcomes of using the product and highlighting favorite features. For product photos, goPure requested two types: one featuring the influencer with the product and one showcasing the product alone.

Pro Tip:  

In just two months, they collaborated with 160+ influencers, yielding 147 product reviews at no cost. By doing so, goPure effectively scaled their UGC content production and generated a stream of engaging content for their marketing funnel with a single marketer.

Pro Tip:  
“Creating and managing product gifting campaigns is so easy on insense, with less time prospecting we have more time for relationship building with influencers and creators”


Head of Influencer Marketing

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