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How to generate 150 UGC videos at $0 cost with a product-seeding/gifting influencer campaign


Beauty & Care


160+ influencers

Collaborated with 160+ influencers within 2 months to scale UGC via zero-cost product seeding campaigns

204x ROI

Revenue surpassed $200K with a 204x ROI

525 applications

Attracted 525 micro-influencers who applied for the campaign

goPure | Insense Case StudyTypes of collaborations

goPure Beauty is a growing, direct-to-consumer skincare brand committed to helping people live their best confident life.


Beauty & Care

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- Creative strategist - Influencer Manager - Media Buyer

The Challenge

  • As a smaller brand, goPure required a cost-effective solution to generate a significant amount of content with influencers and UGC creators for their various marketing channels.
  • goPure needed to effectively communicate its rebranding by incorporating customer opinions to boost social proof about the product quality. They also needed to establish trust through user testimonials and build credibility in the dynamic beauty industry.
  • Considering the power of user opinions, the brand sought to enhance engagement by incorporating shopper testimonials and fostering a strong sense of community.

The Solution

Within 2 months, goPure collaborated with 160+ influencers, resulting in 147 product reviews at no cost thanks to effective produce seeding campaigns. This allowed goPure to scale UGC content production and generate engaging content for their marketing funnel.

Pro Tip:  

The video conversion rate of engaged shoppers reached an impressive 26%, contributing to an exceptional ROI of 204x. Videowise's shoppable UGC video carousels on product pages generated 1,705 orders, surpassing $200K in revenue.

Pro Tip:  

Utilizing Videowise's bulk action feature, they efficiently deployed UGC videos on best-selling products, saving time and ensuring a seamless user experience. Each shopper spent an average of 40 seconds watching two videos, resulting in 28,067 views and 296 hours of added on-site time. This result showcases the impact engaging content has on user interaction.

Pro Tip:  
“Creating and managing product gifting campaigns is so easy on insense, with less time prospecting we have more time for relationship building with influencers and creators”


Head of Influencer Marketing

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