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Hollywood Hair Bar

Finding specific creators increased conversions by 5%

Hollywood Hair Bar

Creator Ads increased conversions by 5% & click-through rates by 3%

Each video asset had an average cost of ~$39

Worked with ~91 Instagram creators that perfectly matched their brand

Insense is a marketplace to collaborate with creators for UGC, posting, and whitelisted ads. 
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This is how Hollywood Hair Bar got matched with their specific creator profiles which ultimately boosted their conversion rates by 5%.  

Read more about their success story and how they used Insense below.

The Challenge

After years of searching for the perfect products to aid with hair growth, it became clear that there was a huge void in the market. To solve this problem, Tiffany Rose founded Hollywood Hair Bar.

Hair care products from Hollywood Hair Bar use natural ingredients to stimulate natural hair growth. Since launching, hundreds of women, men, and children have been able to improve their hair growth thanks to these amazing beauty products. 

To increase sales, they wanted to source high-quality user-generated content (UGC), from specific creators that matched their target audience, to be used for Creator Licensing, paid ads, and organic posting. 

It was important that the creators resonated with their target audience and matched their brand identity -that being African-American women for Just Content + Organic posting + Creator Ads on Instagram

Since they have a small team of 2, they didn’t have the time to manually find creators, so they wanted to source engaging UGC creatives in a streamlined way.

The Solution 

Hollywood Hair Bar found their solution by using Insense’s marketplace. As the platform is designed to easily filter the +20,000K creators by ethnicity, age and gender, it provided the brand with a speedy way to find the specific creator profiles that they were looking for.

By partnering with micro-creators, they discovered a type of content that resonated with their audience and amplified their brand identity. 

Once they identified the right creators and the type of content they wanted to use, they moved to the next step of scaling UGC production

They sourced a variety of UGC videos through Insense which had to have the very gritty and authentic style that they wanted for their campaigns. They had influencer partnerships without posting and creator-licensed campaigns using raw + ready-to-use content.  

The team that managed the creators on Insense consisted of 2 people managing the sourcing, briefing, communication, and collection of the UGC assets. 

Once they received the video assets, the team then edited the content in-house but outsourced the media buying service to help speed up the process.

The Results

In just 9 months since Hollywood Hair Bar joined Insense, they have:

And just last May they found 1 creator whose content pushed their conversion rates up by 5%.


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