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2x increase in engagement by finding the right creators


Over 2x the engagement

60% increase in watch time

22% increase in video completion rate.

Insense is a marketplace to collaborate with creators for UGC, posting, and whitelisted ads. 
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On a mission to align consumers and farmers around products that are organically, ecologically and humanely produced, Just BARE is not your average poultry company. The Colorado-based brand places an emphasis on its “4 Ps” of social value — People, Poultry, Planet, and Progress — and provides its customers with chicken that’s been humanely cared or and verified under the American Humane Certified® Farm Program.

The poultry producer’s environmental mission is focused on lessening its environmental impacts across the entire supply chain. Just BARE also supports causes that promote food education and healthy living, including food banks and community garden projects.

Because Just BARE sells premium quality poultry that caters to discerning consumers, it’s crucial for the brand to communicate the brand’s unique story, values, and product attributes effectively. In partnership with their agency Gravity Media, Just BARE was looking for a way to better leverage its story on social.


To gain the maximum brand awareness among their target, Just BARE needed to saturate the key markets where its products are available. With a value proposition focused on premium poultry that consumers can feel good about eating, it also was important that Just BARE’s social campaign reached people who shared the values that Just BARE is focused on.

Since brands in the food industry have long produced recipe and food prep content on social media, Just BARE was focused on showcasing content that was unique and avoided clichés. In partnering with influencers, Gravity Media and Just BARE wanted to seek out those that could not only create interesting relevant content, but who also fit some key traits:

  • People who are food lovers, but are not necessarily professional foodies
  • People highly relatable to the brand’s niche market and archetype
  • People with an audience in central U.S. states
  • People who could not only share a chicken recipe, but also tell a great story through food.

The challenge for Just BARE and Gravity Media was easily finding and collaborating with influences that fit the bill for exactly what they were looking for, then ensuring the influencer’s content got distribution at scale.


Just BARE and Gravity Media found the Insense platform provided an easy way to work with social media influencers. Not only could they source the right influencers that fit their criteria via the platform, but they also could form partnerships, acquire the type of content they were looking for, and run boosted, targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram via their own Facebook Ad Manager accounts, using the influencers’ handles.

Just BARE’s social media campaign was timed around the holiday season, so the brand wanted to leverage the family and loved ones angle in a fun way. The creative concept behind the campaign was to find influencers with a loved one who always made a certain chicken recipe that had become a signature family dish over the years. The brand sought to share relatable, engaging content that highlighted how cooking connects generations and brings families together.


Using the Insense platform, Just BARE partnered with creators who fit the precise criteria, and could create perfectly executed recipe content. The sponsored holiday season content showcased influencers working with their family member to create their beloved dish using Just BARE’s products — highlighting the top-notch quality of the company’s poultry.

Through compelling intergenerational cooking stories, the campaign was successful in engaging viewers: Compared to typical paid ads, Just BARE’s influencer paid video ads via Insense resulted in:

  • Over 2x the engagement
  • 60% increase in watch time
  • 22% increase in video completion rate.

Influencer videos for the campaign included:

Just BARE found Insense well suited to the challenge of finding influencers that met all of the brand’s criteria, quicky producing content, and getting it into market efficiently.

Insense enabled Just BARE to easily reach its target consumer at scale, sharing influencer recipe videos that resonated with the brand’s target demographic while authentically promoting the Just BARE brand.


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