Case studies
Kulin Co

Easily found specific creators (beauty creators aged 40+) & received UGC assets within 2 weeks

Kulin Co

2x return on ad spend (ROAS) from paid ads

Received UGC assets within a 2 week turnaround time

Found specific creator profiles (40+ year old beauty creators)

Kulin Co is a brand-first performance marketing agency for eComm brands. They joined Insense because they were searching for a tool that would enable them to quickly source UGC assets for ads on behalf of their brand clients.

“I was blown away by how fast we got the content, the creators were very responsive and the quality was high and ultimately generated purchases” Carolyn Stangeland, Kulin Co

The Challenge

Kulin Co needed to find 40+ year old female creators in the beauty industry niche. Manually searching for this creator profile is very time-consuming, especially for small teams. So they needed a tool that helped to streamline the process of finding these specific creators.

The Solution

A team of 2 creative strategists use Insense to quickly find the right creator profiles through the filters on Insense’s creator marketplace. They were able to find plenty of 40+ year old beauty females to collaborate with.

Through the platform, Kulin Co were able to brief, ship products, and receive final content within 2 weeks. This process made their life so much easier and meant that they could get UGC assets much faster than before. 

Using the raw UGC footage they received through Insense, they launched 6 ads. One of the ads was a huge hit with their target audience so they increased the ad spend for that specific ad creative. 

Below is the winning UGC ad. It was successful because the creator provided all the shots in separate clips and all raw footage which Kulin Co could then edit and easily rearrange to create multiple ad creative variations for creative testing.


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