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Made Good

How a healthy snacks brand reduced content delivery times by optimizing its influencer management process


Health & Wellness

Made Good

3 weeks

Reduced their influencer collab turn-around time by 3 weeks

280K+ reach

Achieved 280K+ reach with 5 seasonal campaigns

3x ER

Increased their influencer engagement rate by 3x

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MadeGood® is a brand that produces organic and allergy-friendly snacks. All of their products contain nutrients from vegetable extracts, and their ingredients come from an industry-leading producer of pure, uncontaminated, organic, certified gluten-free oats.


Health & Wellness

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- Global Social Media Lead

The Challenge

  • Made Good was looking for a user-friendly, fast and effective solution for partnering with influencers. They also wanted to simplify the process of payments to creators and speed up the content lead times.
  • The brand was seeking to build brand awareness from seasonal campaigns that targeted specific profiles, including school teachers in both the US and Canada, with an ultimate goal to drive conversions.

The Solution

With a single team member managing their Insense account, they simultaneously handled 5 campaigns and received 300+ applications. This streamlined approach saved them 3 weeks of work compared to their previous process.

Pro Tip:  

Using Insense’s Instagram creator filters, Made Good managed to hire a total of 75 creators who generated posts with an overall engagement rate of 2%. Remarkably, certain posts even achieved an outstanding 5% engagement rate, significantly amplifying their previous engagement rate of 0,40%.

Pro Tip:  

Once they found the creators that resonated most with the brand’s identity, they were able to showcase their product to specific audiences in seasonal campaigns, such as “Back to School”. With just 5 campaigns, they achieved an impressive total reach of 280K.

Pro Tip:  
“We hired 8-10 big influencers through another platform this past month. Their engagement rate was 0.40%, with less impressions than all the micro-influencers we hired on Insense”
Ally Straussner

Ally Straussner

Global Social Media Lead

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