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Used TikTok Spark Ads to achieve 100%+ increase in product and brand searches on Amazon


Home & Garden


100%+ increase

100%+ increase in product and brand searches on Amazon during the TikTok Spark Ads campaign

100%+ MoM growth

100%+ month-over-month growth for their CTA keyword searches on Amazon

Lowest CPM this year

Achieved the lowest CPMs this year on TikTok vs their Meta Ads results

Malouf | Insense Case StudyTypes of collaborations

Malouf Companies™ are experts in lifestyle and wellness brands with 19 years in the industry. Their core business is home furnishings but they’ve expanded into 6 more categories including consumer products, technology, and retail.


Home & Garden

Insense Users

- Media Buyer - Influencer Manager

The Challenge

  • Although Malouf™ had experience with affiliate marketing and previously invested 1 million dollars on Meta and Amazon ads using branded content, they didn’t have experience with influencer marketing. 
    They needed a way to source high-quality UGC ad scale for paid media and manage influencer partnerships seamlessly. Their team consisted of; media buyer, influencer manager, and an in-house post-production team.
  • They were searching for a way to expand their marketing strategy to TikTok, through TikTok creators, to generate social buzz and reach new audiences.
  • Their main goal for their TikTok strategy was to drive traffic from TikTok to their Amazon listings.

The Solution

Malouf™ assigned 2 team members to manage the platform; media buyer and influencer manager. They started with a TikTok campaign asking creators for the raw content and requested Spark Ad codes to launch the ads behind the creators' handles. They shortlisted and hired 11 perfect matches to carry out their campaign, the creator's profiles were: women aged late 20s, moms, lifestyle, Home decor, based in the US.

Pro Tip:  
When selecting TikTok creators to hire on our platform, Malouf™ considered the quality badges displayed on the creator's profiles, such as "UGC Expert", "Top Rated", or "Rising Talent". These badges serve as indicators of their expertise and quality based on previous collaborations.

Their media buyer created the brief, and their influencer manager handled all the communications with creators, including hiring and shipping products. They were able to implement their strategy within their first days on the platform and the turn-around time to receive content back was 28 days. They received raw format content + B-rolls, then they did post-production in-house and launched the ad campaigns using Spark Ad codes provided by Insense creators.

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Their chosen creators were ending the videos with the following call to action: “Search for Linenspa Comforter on Amazon and get yours today” to drive external traffic to their Amazon listings. While their Spark Ads were live, their product and brand search on Amazon increased 100%+. The keywords from this CTA also had a month-on-month search increase on Amazon of 100%+. While all of this was happening, the company also reported they had the lowest CPMs this year and said TikTok had a very competitive solution since CPMs on Meta can be extremely high.

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