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Mountain Equipment Co-op

Optimized their campaign management and found specific influencers/ brand ambassadors


Sports + Fitness

Mountain Equipment Co-op

Specific influencers

MEC used Insense’s creator marketplace to easily find specific influencers in certain Canadian regions

All-in-one platform

used Insense to obtain custom content, manage influencer campaigns, and amplify influencer posts

Brand awareness

used Insense to amplify their organic posting and whitelisted ad campaigns on Instagram to grow their reach

Insense Empowered MEC to Run Influencer Campaigns More EffectivelyTypes of collaborations

Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) is a Canadian retailer that sells outdoor recreation gear and clothing; MEC is an actual co-op as well, with over 5 million members. Established in 1971, they have been a long-standing household name throughout Canada, and the brand is focused on fostering a strong community of outdoor enthusiasts of all types.


Sports + Fitness

Insense Users

- Digital Media + Ambassador Program Specialist - Brand Engagement Manager

The Challenge

  • MEC already had an established group of brand ambassadors and influencers, however, they were finding it time-consuming to manage all the partnerships manually. So they needed to find a platform where they could streamline their end-to-end campaign management.
  • They were running a wide range of campaigns from brand awareness through organic posting, contests, and whitelisted ads. Their campaigns were often centered around local sporting and fitness events, so they needed a way to easily find influencers located in the regions of the events (also with an audience in those locations).
  • All in all, MEC needed a platform that would provide support for its diversity of campaigns, an end-to-end campaign management tool, and a marketplace to source specific influencers.

The Solution

MEC found Insense as their all-in-one platform to obtain custom content, manage influencer campaigns, and amplify influencer posts thus streamlining the whole process. Insense has helped MEC meet a wide range of sponsored campaign objectives, including holiday gifting, promoting new product lines, and boosting general brand awareness.

Pro Tip:  

Since the brand already had a core group of brand ambassadors and influencers that it worked with, MEC was able to better organize its efforts by onboarding its existing influencers into Insense — allowing the brand to take advantage of Insense as a project management platform, and to also scale whitelisted ads on Instagram.

Pro Tip:  

MEC also leveraged Insense’s existing database of influencers to find influencers in specific regions, create region-specific content, and then running ads specifically in that region. For example, the brand hosts the MEC Race Series in several areas of Canada, including Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec. The company was able to find influencers in each of the regions where it was hosting race events through the Insense platform, and then collaborate with its chosen influencers to promote the races.

Pro Tip:  
“The Insense platform provides us with a way to manage our existing influencer partnerships, easily seek out new relevant influencers to work with, and boost posts so that we can maximize our exposure. To put it simply, Insense has enabled our team to run social ad campaigns more efficiently.”
Andrew Sutherland

Andrew Sutherland

Brand Engagement Manager, MEC

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