How Nesto leveraged Insense to scale their production of high-performing UGC


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23% lower CPL

Decrease the Cost Per Lead by 23% with UGC creatives from Insense compared to regular brand ads on Meta

60+ assets

Generated 60+ assets at an average cost of $25 per video

10 days

Average turn around time of 10 days per collaboration

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As a fully-online mortgage lender, Nesto offers a seamless and convenient experience for home buyers and homeowners looking to refinance. The platform streamlines the mortgage application process, eliminating the need for time-consuming paperwork and in-person meetings with loan officers.


Business & Finance

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The Challenge

  • Nesto had seen success from UGC testimonials when they tested UGC marketing for the first time and so they knew that it was essential for building brand awareness and driving conversions. But their team of two were responsible for creating the content in-house by themselves, and since they were just 2 people it lacked diversity.
  • To generate enough content for creative testing, they needed a way to easily find a large number of the right creator profiles that aligned with their brand’s audience. As well as a way to streamline the creator collaboration process to save time.

The Solution

Nesto’s team used Insense to quickly find the right creator profiles for their campaigns through the filters on Insense’s creator marketplace, receiving more than 150 applications per campaign, on average, with no outreach required.

Pro Tip:  

Insense’s intuitive brief template allowed them to streamline the creative briefing process and easily communicate their content requirements to creators. They had the creators produce 10 - 30 second testimonial videos broken down into shorter, 3 - 5 second scripted scenes with an average turnaround time of just 10 days.

Pro Tip:  

The result was a flood of high-quality, diverse UGC which they could repurpose for their ads. During their ad creative testing using this content, they saw a 23% decrease in Cost Per Lead (CPL) compared with regular ads on Meta.

Pro Tip:  
“We liked how easy was to source UGC creators on the platform and saw positive results in our first test campaign”
Kristian Kletke

Kristian Kletke

Performance Media Manager

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