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Boosting brand awareness with 322 collabs, with content delivered within 2 weeks


Health & Wellness



Instagram reels reaching up to 99K views

2 weeks

Sourced content in as fast as 5 days, and overall turn-around for content is only 2 weeks

322 collabs

Built a machine for fostering long-term relationships with creators and ongoing collabs

NutraChamps | Insense Case StudyTypes of collaborations

NutraChamps is a DTC brand specializing in premium quality supplements for energy, stress, digestion, heart health, weight management, and other essential areas of health at accessible pricing to promote health, wellness, and longevity.


Health & Wellness

Insense Users

- Social Media Coordinator - Brand Ambassador

The Challenge

  • The brand needed to spread the word about NutraChamps, specifically focusing on their Super Green product.
  • Also, they were seeking a substantial number of creators who closely matched the wellness-oriented brand's style.
  • Even with a dedicated team, communicating with influencers through emails and DMs proved to be a challenging and time-consuming, manual process when the brand needed to scale content creation.

The Solution

With Insense, NutraChamps launched a total of 6 organic campaigns for Instagram, easily spreading the word about their products. Our streamlined briefs enabled creators to craft reels posts that garnered an impressive 99K views, all under a single campaign.

Pro Tip:  

With the help of Insense Marketplace, the brief filters and the support from our Customer Success Team, they discovered 322 health & wellness creators who aligned perfectly with their brand. This collaboration allowed them to forge authentic connections and cultivate lasting relationships.

Pro Tip:  

The brand significantly enhanced team efficiency and cost-effectiveness by managing creator relationships at scale. With a dedicated team of just 2 in-house social media coordinators overseeing the hiring, content review, and approval process within the platform, they managed to source 4 reels per collab at an average price of USD 370 each.

Pro Tip:  
Awareness and trust are built by creating multiple touchpoints in the customer’s journey. With this in mind, NutraChamps smartly engaged creators to produce 4 videos, one post per week, to connect with their audience consistently.
”As a social media specialist, Insense has made a large impact on my workload. As an accessible and simple platform to use, Insense is packed with very diverse creators from all sorts of backgrounds, occupations, locations, etc. The platform and managers assist you in filtering through creators in search of the best fit for your campaigns. From the start of a campaign to the end, the process is seamless. This has truly helped our company reach a wider audience and build brand awareness.”
Andrea Bruce

Andrea Bruce

Social Media Coordinator & Brand Ambassador

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