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Leveraging Insense’s post production service to save money and boost conversions


Food & Drinks


14+ million

17 ready-to-use videos generated 14+ million impressions and 11,000+ conversions

2x CTR

Doubled click through rates (CTRs)

Saved ~2hrs per video

Saved valuable time with Insense managing the briefing + post-production (saved ~2hours per video)

Opopop | Insense Case StudyTypes of collaborations

Opopop is a food and beverage eCommerce brand on a mission to liberate their customers from boring popcorn. Originally founded on the idea to bring fresh popcorn back as a regular snack in offices, the company made the decision to pivot to a direct to consumer (DTC) business in January 2021 when the COVID pandemic accelerated a move to remote work.


Food & Drinks

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The Challenge

  • Opopop’s small team soon found that the time and money it takes to edit content in-house became overwhelming and so they went on the hunt to find a solution that could streamline the content editing process.
  • They found it equally as time consuming to find a cost effective and reliable freelance editor or agency solution and so they were eager to test out Insense’s post-production service soon after its launch. They had already been partnering with creators on the Insense platform to source UGC for several months and so this new service offered an accessible solution to their post-production needs.
  • This also came with the added benefit of being able to collaborate with creators and do post-production all from the same tool rather than having to use multiple platforms or outsourcing different parts of the process.

The Solution

Insense’s expert post production team took the raw UGC, created by the creators that Opopop had partnered with, and transformed it into ready-to-use content for ads at an average cost of just $20 per video and a turnaround time of just one week.

Pro Tip:  

To make the content as engaging as possible and boost their performance, the Insense team applied their expert knowledge in editing UGC and did the following: - Improved visual appeal: Part of the appeal of UGC videos are their spontaneous nature, however, this can cause them to be low quality. The visual appeal can be improved by correcting lighting and color in post-production. ‍ - Edited into a story: UGC videos are authentic and usually tell a story but are unscripted. This can create some pauses, stutters and sentences that are not essential for telling the story, which can lead to losing the viewer’s attention. It is crucial to edit these out to bring focus to the key talking points and bring structure to the video. - Added closed captions: As users scroll through their social media feeds videos will automatically play with no sound. 85% of users will continue to watch videos without sound. This makes closed captions essential to make the content enjoyable as well as accessible. - Added royalty free music: Even though the majority of users watch videos with no sound. It is still important to add music that fits the brand, especially when repurposing content for TikTok. For those who do watch videos with sound-on ,music can help make the content more engaging. Using copyrighted music may result in the content being removed.

Pro Tip:  
You can access Insense's post-production service as an add-on to the self-service plans on our pricing page.

These edits resulted in more than 14 million impressions, doubling the CTR and ultimately lead to more purchases.

Pro Tip:  
"The Insense post production team works quickly to turn our raw UGC content into beautiful finished ads. They know what works on social, and how to turn raw UGC content into ads with a high CTR leading to a lower customer acquisition cost."
Alex McEvoy

Alex McEvoy

Founding Partner, Opopop

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