Case studies

Generated 700+ Facebook attributed sales through UGC + whitelisted ads


Ran 5 whitelisted ads for social proof in one month

On average, their whitelisted ads were $200 per collaboration

Achieved a CTR of 2.11%

Opopop, a gourmet popcorn brand who are passionate about innovative popcorn flavors and new ways of creating popcorn, decided to increase their sales through UGC content for Ads. Through Insense, they took the first step into creative testing and got some immediate results that you can use for inspiration.

“Using intense to source top-tier creative talent was super easy, and connecting up to each creator’s account for whitelisting was a breeze as well.”

The Challenge

Opopop had a plan to increase sales through UGC but did not know where to start. Insense provided first steps support to run their first UGC creative testing and our recommendation was to run Whitelisted Ads in the test. 

With a small team behind the scenes for the project, Opopop worked on their creative brief with our team to come up with the perfect angles and hooks. Opopop also opted in for our Post-production service. This was a game changer for them: they needed quality content for launching ads with a short deadline.

The Solution

Opopop followed our recommendation and selected 5 creators for Whitelisting. These were lifestyle creators, well-spoken and excited about collaborating with the brand.

While running the creative testing campaign via Whitelisted Ads, creators were also posting to their own accounts to build brand awareness in parallel. This is possible through our Influencer partnership feature, which allows for UGC sourcing, creator posting, and Whitelisted Ads under the same campaign.

The briefing process counted on our support, we created a very detailed brief thinking about Whitelisting, and included very specific instructions. 

As we mentioned above, the timing for the campaign was crucial, so they needed to create clear instructions for the creators to follow to avoid re-shoots. Here’s an example of their brief below:

  1.  Present/unbox the Pop Cups Kit.
  2.  Go through all of the different flavors by showing each cup and flavor name.
  3.  Show the popper and how you can expand it to its full size.
  4.  Show the inside of the pop cup (raw kernels surrounded by a flavor core), then pour the raw kernels into the popper followed by the flavor core (easily push it out from the bottom of the cup).
  5. Add the lid to the bowl and put it in the microwave to pop (show it spinning in the microwave).
  6. Remove the popper and shake it to distribute the flavor throughout.
  7. Remove the lid and try the popcorn whether it’s in the kitchen, with friends or family, or on the couch during a movie night.

From their creator’s content, they ran 5 whitelisted ads per month for consistent brand awareness. To boost brand awareness even further, the creators were asked for organic posting in parallel with the whitelisting. 

On average, their whitelisted ads were $200 per collaboration and generated 700+ purchases and insights for scaling their next campaigns. 


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