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Particle for Men

How switching from an alternative platform to Insense reduced whitelisting costs by 42%


Beauty & Care

Particle for Men


Reduced whitelisting costs by 42%

11 whitelisted ads

Ran whitelisted ads from 11 influencer’s accounts in one month

1.3x - 2x ROAS

Sustained 1.3x - 2x ROAS through whitelisted ads

Particle for Men: 42% Reduced Whitelisting Costs with InsenseTypes of collaborations

Particle is a leading direct-to-consumer personal care brand engineered for men.


Beauty & Care

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- Marketing Coordinator - Influencer Manager

The Challenge

  • Particle for Men was looking for an affordable platform to partner with influencers for whitelisting where there was an integrated feature to streamline the whitelisting process.
  • They needed to source high-quality UGC content for ads on Meta with a fast turnaround time.
  • The team needed a tool to optimize their influencer discovery where they could find the perfect creators and also manage all their communications with creators in one place.

The Solution

Particle for Men switched from an alternative platform to Insense, saving them $425 per month, and built a roster of high-quality creators that perfectly matched their brand identity to produce content for their ads.

Pro Tip:  

In just one month, they found 21 perfect creators for their campaign and received their content within a 2-week turnaround time.

Pro Tip:  

Ran 11 whitelisted ads in one month that achieved a 1.3-2x ROAS.

Pro Tip:  
"Insense has really helped us streamline the whole influencer-paid ads pipeline here at Particle. We use it every single day and we’ve even seen an increase in whitelisted ads as a result of this fruitful partnership."
Alan Azulay

Alan Azulay

Creative Marketing Coordinator

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