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The Challenge

  • Peachy Shapewear needed to find specific creator profiles who really felt like they benefited from the product in a natural way and who specialized in creating UGC ads for TikTok.
  • A tool was needed to source high-quality UGC at an affordable price. By partnering with TikTok creators, they produced creative assets where they showcased how the product worked for different body types and its benefits when used, to influence purchase decisions.

The Solution

From the applicants they received on Insense, Peachy Shapewear chose 3 female creators between the ages of 18 and 44. They received all the UGC assets within 2 weeks, which they repurposed into different ad variations for creative testing, to understand which hooks, angles, and CTAs worked best for their audience.

Pro Tip:  

They ran 7 ads on TikTok, which together generated more than 73k views - one ad even got more than 26k views.

Pro Tip:  

Pro Tip:  
“Insense is by far the easiest and fastest way we’ve been able to get content for our eCommerce brand”
Anthony Pulera

Anthony Pulera

Founder/ CMO, Peachy Shapewear

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