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How Rankster increased sales up to 30% for their clients, by driving traffic from TikTok to Amazon


Overall increase in client sales up to 30%

Sourced high-quality content for 9 brands in 2 weeks

Created TikTok Ads with a CPC of $0.36

Paul Harvey from Rankster is known as the “external traffic to Amazon” guy. Formerly, Rankster launched over 500 Amazon products using Facebook Ads. In 2019, Rankster pivoted to purely TikTok traffic and strategies. UGC is the main pillar of their strategy and has proven to drive both engagement and conversions for their clients.

The team at Rankster had tested different platforms before turning to Insense, however, they found that they kept running into the same problems making the process unscalable.

“We tested approx 20 different platforms before Insense, we really like how we can manage our campaigns and be able to get content for our clients in only 2 weeks, and the support we received from the team” - Paul Harvey, Owner

The Challenge

Rankster serves many brands, and to scale their UGC acquisition they tried more than 20 platforms however they didn’t find a tool that met all of their needs. On the other platforms that they tried, they faced the issue of waiting a long time to get the assets, and found many creators were unresponsive and produced low-quality which affected their content production timeline due to delays.

During Q4 Rankster needed to get a steady flow of UGC content for TikTok Ads for 9 different brands with a short time turnaround time, without losing quality. They needed a solution where they can find sufficient high-quality creators that match each brands tone of voice and resonates with each audience type.

The Solution

Ranktser was able to source raw UGC assets through Insense for an average price of  $70 per asset. During Q4 they were able to get a consistent flow of UGC, in total they completed 71 collaborations on the platform. 

The turnaround time to get the content was about 2 weeks on average, which solved their pain of getting high-quality content, quickly. 

Rankster sources raw content from Insense and does the post-production in-house. They launch their ads as TikTok In-feed ads with a direct link to the Amazon page of their brands/clients. (No landing pages are used!)

They launched approximately 10 ads for each client during the end-of-year period. Rankster understands that attribution from TikTok to Amazon is unfortunately a huge challenge. The way they are measuring this at the moment is by analyzing the how sales are effected when the TikTok ads are turned on and off. By doing this, they can effectively analze the traffic to Amazon and how sales numbers change when ads are on vs when ads are off.

Overall, they were able to observe up to 30% increase in sales on Amazon while TikTok Ads with UGC were running.


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