Restore Patch achieved a 7% CTR on their new product launch through whitelisted ads

Restore Patch

Ran 8 whitelisted ads for social proof

They paid an average of $85 per creative asset

Their first creator ads campaign had a $0.74 CPC and a 7% CTR

Insense is a marketplace to collaborate with creators for UGC, posting, and whitelisted ads. 
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Here's how Restore Patch used whitelisted ads on Instagram to build social proof for the launch of their range of patches to help relieve stress, anxiety, migraines and more.

The Challenge

Restore Patch is a successful health and wellness DTC brand that created a new product line.

Having no previous experience running creator ads they were searching for a platform that would handle the paperwork for them and quickly connect them with the right creators for their campaign. 

Their campaign strived to increase the brand’s exposure and product awareness. When it comes to health supplements social proof is key which is why using whitelisted ads was the right choice for this product type, especially at this particular stage of awareness.

The Solution

Through Insense, the brand was matched with creators that perfectly fit their ideal creator profile.

The creators needed to meet specific requirements like having an interest in natural health products or general health and well-being and of course, being willing to allow the brand access to their handles for whitelisted ads.

Their campaign proved to be very successful, not only did they see results in brand awareness, but they also had an impressive CTR of 7% on Instagram.

Particularly they notice the highest performing ads were static images and so they have continued to work with Insense for similar campaigns.


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