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Social Fire Media

How a small team simultaneously ran 6 product seeding campaigns for 6 different clients



Social Fire Media

+80% CVR

Product seeding campaigns brought an 80% conversion rate and higher-quality content at scale

106 creators hired

A total of 106 UGC creators were hired at zero cost

6% ER

6% average engagement rate on TikTok organic posts

Social Fire Media | Insense Case StudyTypes of collaborations

Social Fire Media is a 5-star rated digital advertising agency based in Philadelphia, US. Lightning-fast speed, one-on-one consulting, and unbeatable industry knowledge are some of the main values offered by the agency.



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The Challenge

  • Social Fire Media previously used Billo to source UGC for their clients, however, they wanted to find a platform where they could receive higher-quality content at scale.
  • Since the agency manages UGC creators and influencers for various clients, they were finding it too time-consuming to manually manage each influencer partnership. So they wanted a solution that centralized the campaigns and communication with creators in one place to improve efficiency.
  • They also had a need to acquire content in a cost-effective manner and incorporate it as an additional attractive feature within their services.

The Solution

The agency was able to successfully launch product seeding campaigns for 6 distinct brands, and run up to 12 campaigns simultaneously, all managed by a small team.

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Social Fire Media hired a total of 106 talented creators; they achieved an impressive conversion rate of over 80% from hired to delivered content from their product seeding campaigns.

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Several of the hired creators had a genuine affinity for the products and posted the videos produced on their own social channels. The average engagement rate for TikTok posts was 6%.

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