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Using product seeding to source modular content for TikTok and other marketing channels


Beauty & Care


5% ER

5% average engagement rate on TikTok posts, some posts got up to 10-15% ER

244 applicants

244 applicants for product seeding campaigns in 1 month

85% CR

85% conversion rate from hired to delivering honest review videos

Solawave | Insense Case StudyTypes of collaborations

Innovative and efficient skincare tools & topicals for people of all ethnicities, genders, and skin tones. Their products reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and blemishes, with award-winning skincare tools.


Beauty & Care

Insense Users

- Creative Strategist
- Influencer Marketing Manager

The Challenge

  • Needed to implement a solid strategy to build reach & brand awareness on social media with optimized costs and processes.
  • Solawave were looking for creators who genuinely love their products and wanted to create content for product exchange. They then wanted to used some of the best creators for paid media.
  • They wanted to build a content library of UGC assets that they could repurpose across social media and their other marketing channels.

The Solution

Solawave set up a team with an Organic Social Director to manage the Insense platform and later distribute the content internally to be repurposed.

Pro Tip:  

Discovered 200+ UGC creators in only one month, who genuinely loved the product, to work on product seeding campaigns. They received content back from at least 85% of the creators they hired.

Pro Tip:  

They received up to 180 UGC assets at $0 cost in one month, by being able to easily set up product seeding campaigns through Insense. If the creators loved the product and this enthusiasm was clearly shown in their content, Solawave asked them to post the content on their TikTok profile which saw a 5% average engagement rate.

Pro Tip:  
“I can't praise the ease of Insense enough. I've literally told other platforms that they need to step it up”
Tyler Moore

Tyler Moore

Organic Social Director

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