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Increased ROAS 12x through whitelisted ads


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Teddy Blake


Through whitelisted ads, Teddy Blake increase ROI by 12 times

Authentic content

Using Isense, they searched for influencers who were already posting about Teddy Blake

Specific influencers

Using filters in the creator marketplace, they found plenty of influencers that matched their brand’s look and feel

Teddy Blake & Insense: 12X ROAS on Instagram AdsTypes of collaborations

Teddy Blake handbags have been made by hand by some of the most experienced and exceptional Italian artisans since 1958. The brand creates classic Italian products, characterized by high-quality construction, attention to detail, imaginative design, shape, and durability.


Fashion & Style

Insense Users


The Challenge

  • Teddy Blake wanted an easy way to find influencers that fit their brand aesthetics and who would resonate with their target audience.
  • They also wanted an all-in-one platform where they could manage end-to-end influencer campaigns from finding influencers to running whitelisted ads.

The Solution

Teddy Blake launched 2 campaigns on Insense, one focused on lifestyle videos featuring stylish women showcasing their Teddy Blake bags in everyday use, and the other focused on multiple lifestyle images. With this approach, Teddy Blake was able to get content that worked great for brand awareness, and also content that worked well for conversion-oriented ads.

Pro Tip:  

Through Insense, Teddy Blake was able to find influencers who are already fans of the brand. To do this, they used the Insense creator marketplace and our search tools to find people already posting about the brand. This allowed Teddy Blake to find creators who already had the brand’s products, meaning the brand didn’t need to send out a high-cost product for content creation, and it meant these influencers were authentic brand ambassadors.

Pro Tip:  

In addition to content for organic posting, Teddy Blake leveraged Insense’s capability to run whitelisted ads using the influencer’s handle. The brand had influencers create videos showing the products in a cool lifestyle context. Then the brand connected the influencer to the Teddy Blake Facebook Ads Manager with the click of a button.

Pro Tip:  
“We have seen very promising results so far and we will continue testing new campaigns.”
Samy Waiche

Samy Waiche

CEO, Teddy Blake

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