Creative testing made them $210K revenue in 1 month


Produced 80 ad creatives in just 60 days

Spent $85 on average per asset

Got a $210k revenue in 1 month from the best-performing ad

Insense is a marketplace to collaborate with creators for UGC, posting, and whitelisted ads. 
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Learn how TenDC found their best-performing ad with a 3.5 ROAS thanks to their creative testing strategy. The brand collective sourced UGC ads for their 4 brands by using Insense while paying an average of $85 per asset.

“My advice to marketers is to test as much as possible. Sometimes with 1 video, you will reach your KPIs. But you need to test” - Ara D., Co-Founder at 10DC.

The Challenge

TenDC needed high volumes of UGC assets from creators for their various brands, but they needed a way to do this quickly and affordably. They wanted to perform different creative testing strategies for each one of their brands, which is why they needed to source as much content as possible. However, manually outreaching that many creators can be a real headache and very time-consuming.

On top of that, 10DC also had some pretty specific requirements. Because they wanted to make sure they were testing the right angles, they had very detailed briefs for each brand. Providing specific directions in your brief is great when you’re just working with a couple of creators…

…But when the number of creators you want to work with increases, you start spending a lot of your precious time on back-and-forth communication and discussing contract details.

The Solution

To start their creative testing process, 10DC worked with a partner to develop their creative strategy. They analyzed what their clients love the most about their products and came up with a series of angles, product features, and hooks. 

Because their brief included a lot of technical details like using specific hooks, asking for natural lighting and adding eye-catching transitions, they needed an effective way to communicate all those needs. By using Insense, they were able to seamlessly add all their requirements because of the platform’s built-in briefing feature specifically designed for marketers.

With Insense, 10DC got high volumes of UGC assets in a short amount of time and used the platform to optimize their collaborations with creators. In fact, in just one month, they were able to source 70 creators and launch 4 different campaigns. 

Each creator was asked to provide both ready-to-use content - that could be turned instantly into an ad - and raw footage. This would allow them to analyze the performance of the ready-to-use content and then use a post-production editing team to make adjustments using the raw footage, such as different text overlays, different hooks, different music, etc.

Once they had enough content, they ran 15 ads to test their performance and found one that was rocking it. So they boosted this ad creative to a larger audience by increasing the ad spend to a daily limit of $2K. 

The results? One ad got them a $210K profit in one single month!


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