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UCA Lingerie

Generating UGC for ads while growing brand awareness and reach with micro-influencers


Fashion & Style

UCA Lingerie

$90 per collab

Collaborated with 50+ Instagram nano + micro-influencers per month at an average cost of $90 per collaboration

40K+ av. reach

Generated 60+ video and photo assets per month, achieving an average reach of 40K+

1 team member

One team member effectively managed the full cycle influencer campaigns, from shortlisting to posting

Insense CreatorTypes of collaborations

UCA Lingerie is a women-led sustainable lingerie brand that specializes in creating elegant and sophisticated designs for women. Their main goal is to empower women and celebrate femininity.


Fashion & Style

Insense Users

- Creative Strategist
- Influencer Marketing Manager

The Challenge

  • UCA Lingerie needed an all-in-one tool to manage their influencer marketing campaigns. Through influencers, they wanted to grow brand awareness and influence purchase decisions through social proof.
  • However, the process of recruiting influencers and ensuring prompt posting was time-consuming and challenging, especially as it was being managed manually by a single team member.

The Solution

UCA Lingerie utilized our marketplace to directly invite influencers to their campaign, streamlining the process of selecting suitable collaborators. They targeted nano and micro-influencers from 1k to 82k followers and an engagement rate between 1% and 17% (average 4.5%), who would create Instagram Reels or photos for their feed, which could then be repurposed for organic channels and paid ads.

Pro Tip:  

Their creative brief allowed the influencers to have creative freedom while also offering inspiration on how to showcase the product effectively. As a result, they consistently worked with 50+ creators per month at an average cost of $90 per collaboration, which includes both the posting and the UGC assets

Pro Tip:  

Over the course of 6 months, they’ve worked with 300+ influencers and achieved 3M+ reach as one post went viral.

Pro Tip:  
“We found a large number of creators in a short period time, and increased our brand awareness.”
Mark Zhang

Mark Zhang

Social Media Marketing Director, UCA Lingerie

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