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How to get 300+ UGC monthly assets through product seeding + low cost campaigns




300+ UGC assets

Generated 302 product testimonials and reviews for TikTok and IG per month

Up to $50 per collaboration

Through product seeding or low-budget campaigns

60+ influencers

Worked with 60+ TikTok and IG influencers, sourcing modular content

WaveBlock's UGC Success: 300+ Monthly Assets, from InsenseTypes of collaborations

eComm electronics brand selling accessories that reduce the footprint of harmful EMF's by dispersing radiation using their patented technology.



Insense Users

Marketing Director

The Challenge

  • They needed a new strategy to drive more external traffic to their eComm store.
  • Wanted to easily find TikTok and Instagram creators who know how to produce high-quality content to drive more reach.
  • Needed to streamline their process and manage a pipeline of creators and collaborate with them in once place.

The Solution

Wave Block ran influencer product seeding campaigns - giving their electronic products for free in exchange for content - as well as paid collaborations with an average cost of $50 per collab.

Pro Tip:  

Easily filtered and selected high-quality influencers by viewing their UGC portfolios and ratings on Insense, then partnered with them to post on their social media – TikTok or Instagram.

Pro Tip:  

Instagram became one of the main acquisition channels for Wave Block after repurposing the UGC content on their brand social media page.

Pro Tip:  
“We love Insense! After we start using the platform, Instagram became our main acquisition channel.”
Natalie Nicole

Natalie Nicole

Social Media Manager

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