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Wholesome Goods

Steady ROI through consistent, monthly whitelisted ads

Wholesome Goods

Worked with 21 creators each month since 2020

Published 16 whitelisted ads per month

A team of 2 were managing the campaigns

Insense is a marketplace to collaborate with creators for UGC, posting, and whitelisted ads. 
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Learn how Wholesome Goods found consistent ROI through scaling their UGC production for creator-licensed ads (whitelisting).

The Challenge

Wholesome Goods are a rapidly growing brand collective with 7+ direct-to-consumer brands. These brands include Cosy House Collection, Valhalla, and Wholesome Organics.

They were searching for an effective way to advertise consumer goods products to increase sales, and also needed to have fresh creatives constantly.

To do this they needed to source multiple creators that would give them permission to run ads using their handles - which is not exactly a piece of cake - and scale UGC production in a fast and optimized way for maximum ROI.

This is when they discovered Insense as a way to quickly build brand relationships with creators so that they could run seamless creator licensing campaigns (previously known as Whitelisting) on Instagram and scale UGC their production.

The Solution 

After Wholesome Goods joined Insense in July 2020, they have been able to see the amazing results creator licensing (Whitelisting) had on their brand. 

In fact, after launching multiple campaigns, they realized that creator licensing gave them a higher ROI when used consistently which is why they scaled the feature and now they publish an average of 16 creator-licensed ads per month.

Creator licensing is fantastic for consumer goods brands because they are full of social proof which drives purchasing decisions.

Each brand in the collective has its own target audience. So by using Insense, the team of 2 (CEO + operations assistant) are able to easily apply the filters to get matched with creators that are suitable for each individual brand.

With Insense, Wholesome Goods have been able to test and scale with different types of creators and ad creatives. In addition, licensed ads were perfect for them to test audience customization in numerous ways to see what works best. For example, they tested using their own audience, a mix of their own audience and the creator's audience, and just the creator's audience.

It’s clear to see from the results that Wholesome Goods have achieved, that scaling creator licensing is a strategy that drives steady and consistent results for brands.

On average, every month they are running ads from 21 creator’s pages. During this process, they test and hone in on the ads that are performing the best, which they then scale to drive higher conversions. 


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