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Wine by Lamborghini

Used UGC for their top–of-the-funnel marketing strategy and got a 5% CTR

Wine by Lamborghini

Their UGC ads on FB + IG are getting 3-5% CTR

The average CPA is under $100

Worked with 15 creators each month on average for consistent content

Insense is a marketplace to collaborate with creators for UGC, posting, and whitelisted ads. 
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In the late 1970s Ferruccio Lamborghini retired to an estate in Umbria where he pursued winemaking and launched Wine by Lamborghini. They grow numerous varieties of grapes in their 32-hectare vineyard to produce luxury wines. 

They came to Insense to source UGC creative assets that they could turn into ads on Facebook and Instagram to promote their wines and boost their brand awareness.

The Challenge

Wine by Lamborghini know how vital ad testing is in order to find the winning ad formula and the right creator profile that resonates the most with their audience. They needed a tool that would enable them to source UGC assets at scale for their regular creative testing initiatives.

Their ad campaigns are intended for top-of-the-funnel marketing (so very cold audiences). They needed to find high-quality creators that would engage their audience with dynamic and interesting personalities. The creator profiles they were searching for needed to look very authentic - they were happy if the content wasn’t 100% perfect because it would make the ad look real.

The Solution

Wine by Lamborghini started by searching for mature creators because they thought this would speak to their audience, however they decided to test younger creators as well which actually performed better in terms of ROI from their ads.

Because their use case was just content, they tried working with a variety of creators because they weren’t interested in the number of followers or the creators social media platform etc. Even though their UGC was for ads on Facebook and Instagram, they discovered that TikTok creators produced the best videos for their brand.

In their brief, they ask the creators to produce 2 types of creatives: 1 general UGC video with a specific hook, main USPs and a CTA, then 1 storytelling type of video e.g. a special occasion like wine for a birthday or celebration).

They ask the creators to provide them with the raw footage which they then edit, rearrange, add text and music to produce the ad creatives. 

Considering their ads are targeting very cold audiences for this campaign, the results are amazing. They’re getting 3-5% CTR on their ads, and a CPA that’s under $100.


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