Case studies
Wonderskin Instagram

Sourcing 100 UGC video assets with less than $5K

Wonderskin Instagram

Ran 10-15 whitelisted ads per month

~100 visual assets with a budget of $3.5k - $5k per month

Partnered with ~70 creators per month

Find out how Wonderskin was able to spread brand awareness by partnering with 70 different creators and sourcing 100 video assets on a monthly basis for less than $5,000.

Read more about their success story and how they used Insense below.

The Challenge

Wonderskin is revolutionizing the beauty industry by developing skincare and makeup products that speed up beauty routines while achieving enhanced results.

To scale the brand's paid social strategy, they wanted to source high volumes of user-generated content to use on Instagram and Facebook - specifically product demos and testimonials.

With a strict budget and a strategy that required having a constant flow of ad creatives, they needed a simple straightforward process to source that much content in the most cost-efficient way possible.

The Solution

With a team of only 2 people, Wonderskin streamlined their UGC acquisition by partnering with Creators on Insense. 

By partnering with an average of 70 creators per month, they were able to spread awareness through organic posting. In fact, they asked the Creators for both raw footage (when there is a clear vision of the video to test) and ready-to-use ads (to help with timing).

As a result, they managed to get +100 video assets each month while remaining on their 5k budget.

To further optimize the process, Wonderskin asked most of their Creators to send them the content and post it on their pages. With the content provided, Wonderskin repurposed it for Creator Ads (running ads through the Creators handle).

And finally, Wonderskin understood the importance of working with micro-influencers and building a long-lasting partnership with them, which is why they even re-hired some of the creators up to 3 times.

Do you see how easy it is to start scaling your Creator content and Creator Ads with Insense?


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