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Increased ROAS by 46% with TikTok's new Video Shopping Ads feature


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higher ROAS through TikTok Shopping Ads


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Wonderskin TikTok | Insense case studyTypes of collaborations

Wonderskin is revolutionizing the beauty industry by developing skincare and makeup products that speed up beauty routines while achieving enhanced results.


Beauty & Care

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The Challenge

  • Wonderskin has worked with Insense for Instagram whitelisting campaigns and wanted to reach a new audience of TikTok and test TikTok’s newest Video Shopping Ads solution. In fact, they were one of the first brands to try it. The goal was to build brand awareness and promote their signature long-lasting lip stain.
  • Wonderskin were very successful on Instagram with their tutorial, product demo and testimonial UGC video ads so they wanted to see how it performs on TikTok, especially when paired with TikTok Video Shopping Ad’s Product Cards.

The Solution

Wonderskin ran a series of TikTok Video Shopping Ads that included Product Cards to promote the different colors of their products.

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These Product Cards featured Wonderskin’s lip stain product on their in-feed ad. When users clicked on the CTA, Dynamic Destination opens. Dynamic Destination is a feature on TikTok whereby an in-app product landing page is automatically created that prominently featured Wonderskin's products. Each landing page is determined by a user's intent to buy, while letting shoppers learn more and seamlessly make a purchase from TikTok.

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Through TikTok Ads Manager, they were able to specifically target audiences that were interested in beauty and makeup to get their ad seen by the most relevant TikTok users. Their campaign on TikTok was highly effective in driving sales and increased ROAS by 46%.

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