Building a diverse content library: Generating 100+ UGC assets in 42 days


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42 days

Generated 100+ UGC ready-to-use video assets in 42 days

100+ no-cost collabs

Collaborated with 100+ UGC creators and micro-influencers at no cost

Repurposed UGC

Repurposed the UGC content across multiple marketing channels

Woxer | Insense Case StudyTypes of collaborations

Woxer is a global underwear brand founded in 2019. The company offers a comfortable and sustainable boxer brief designed for women. Woxer prides itself on ethical manufacturing and has gained popularity among women worldwide.


Fashion & Style

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- Social Media Manager

The Challenge

  • Part of Woxer’s marketing strategy was to generate a lot of high-quality UGC content that resonated with their audience for their own channels (website, newsletter, social media, paid ads).
  • Their biggest challenges were finding the right creators who resonated with their target audience and managing UGC production, which proved time-consuming and resource-intensive.
  • Woxer sought an all-in-one platform to find and manage authentic creators aligned with their brand values in order to streamline UGC production.

The Solution

While creating the brief, their team selected the right filters to easily target suitable creators. Their filters included “sport & fitness” “female creators”, and they added a screening question regarding the creator’s comfort level with showcasing underwear on camera. Additionally, they used the lookalike feature to get better matches.

Pro Tip:  

Woxer knew exactly the type of creators to hire for creating their content; brave, authentic, female creators that aligned with the brand's values and target audience. The creators were asked for product reviews describing their first impressions and product demo videos showcasing the Woxer underwear set and how the product fits the creator's lifestyle.

Pro Tip:  

Within just a few days, over 300 creators applied to work with Woxer on their campaigns. The Woxer team shortlisted the best candidates with the help of features like the UGC portfolio and creator ratings within the Insense marketplace, ultimately generating 100+ ready-to-use UGC videos in just 42 days.

Pro Tip:  
“Insense has helped us to be more efficient with our social media strategy, and build our content library so we have much more content to post”
Sofia Fascia

Sofia Fascia

Social Media Manager, Woxer

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