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Zing Coach

How a fitness app lowered their CPA by 25% in one month, while increasing app installs


Sports + Fitness

Zing Coach

12 per month

Producing at least 12 monthly UGC assets at $209 (average cost per collab), for creative testing & whitelisting

20 creators

Partnered with 20 creators for long-term collabs (at least 2 campaigns each)

25% lower CPA

Lowered CPA by 25% within just one month

Learn how Zing Coach achieved a 25% reduction in CPA within one month while increasing app installs. They produced 12 monthly UGC assets, partnered with 20 creators, and improved their performance. Read their success story!Types of collaborations

Zing Coach is an interactive mobile app that makes it possible for everyone to benefit from a truly customized workout program, individualized coaching, and immediate feedback.


Sports + Fitness

Insense Users

Creative Strategist

The Challenge

  • They needed a solution to source content for creative testing in order to learn what types of ads resonate with their audience.
  • Zing Coach wanted to find specific creator profiles that matched their product: male, athletic/ fitness creators, who can speak well on camera and communicate with charisma.
  • They wanted to optimize costs while generating a volume of UGC assets by getting modular content from the creators.

The Solution

Through Insense, they produced 22 assets per month (on average) for creative testing at an average cost of $200 per UGC asset. Through this testing they understood what was the best profile to work with.

Pro Tip:  

By using Insense’s brief category filters + screening question field, they were able to request audition videos from creators. They found that male athletic/ fitness profiles who were charismatic lowered their CPA by 25%, while increasing overall app installs.

Pro Tip:  
To match with the best creators for you campaign, we recommend using our “screening question” feature in the brief. Zing Coach added the screening question: “To apply for this campaign, please send us a video of yourself responding to the below question. If we see you are a fit we will hire you, we intend to work with creators in long term. See question below: Could you share details about your fitness routine and your personal fitness journey? How long did it take you to achieve good physical shape?”

Built a roaster of 22 creators to collaborate with for long-term collaborations.

Pro Tip:  
"I can easily find creators from a large pool that fit my requirements and goals. Plus, I can quickly receive quality content at a reasonable price and pay for it in seconds".
Dmitry Kovalenko

Dmitry Kovalenko

Creative Strategist

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