No need to worry about your first steps in our Platform. With our handy quick-start guide, your first campaigns with Insense are gonna be a a total success.
First Steps - Register in our Platform
(Before being Moderated)
How can I sign up for Insense?
It's very simple! Download our App and Follow our tips in the description; Enter your nickname @example, click "Confirm" and wait for the authorization code to arrive to your direct messages on Instagram.

Received it? Great! Enter it and move on to fill in all the required fields. Your personal account is ready! Mind you, it's not necessary to enter the password for your Instagram account. Everything is honest and open!
Who can become an Insense user?
Insense is ideal for Instagram, YouTube. If you do not have an account on these platforms, you are still welcome to join Insense - the main thing we’re after is the ability to create high quality content.

At this moment, if you want to sign up with a YouTube Account, you must do it from the browser of your computer or cell phone. Not from the app.
How to register and start working with the app?
1. Install the Insense app. (Only for iOS users, if you don't have an iOS device, sign up from desktop browser)
2. Select the “Login as a new user” section.
3. Enter your email, create a password.
4. Fill in all required fields, authorize your Instagram / Youtube account or create a new account.
What is a portfolio, why is it needed?
The portfolio section is where you can showcase your previous work for brands and video content is especially needed in this part. Your portfolio is a demonstration of your professionalism and creativity, and makes your account more attractive to advertisers.

Once you registered, you're now in our Moderation Phase.
What moderation means?
Brands on Insense want high-quality, creative content for their campaigns. We carefully check each new account so that we can match the best brands and best creators together.

Our moderators focus on the following:

  • High-quality and creative content in your feed
  • Number of followers. A huge following isn't necessarily a requirement for all projects, but brands want at least a baseline audience.
  • Engagement rate and quality of audience (we make sure that followers seem real, and are engaged).
  • The presence of prohibited content(violence,racism, bigotry, Etc.)
  • The style of content and its suitability for brands (is it creative, professional, Etc.)

The moderation process takes 1-3 business days. If your account does not pass moderation, you’ll receive an email with a description of the reason, and recommendations.
Why Should I Trust and Work with Insense?
Insense helps you earn more money and reach.
Insense lets brands show your content to more people than was previously possible. Not only does this get you more exposure to the type of people who already like your content, but it means brands can get better results, and therefore spend more money on influencers. We want to help you get in on this.

  1. Safety and Security.- Our platform is built entirely in-house, by skilled engineers. Insense is in constant connection with the Facebook team, and adheres aware of all heightened security requirements that have been implemented after recent data breaches. No 3rd parties ever get access to your data, and no one at Insense can see your private information.
  2. Major corporations have vetted and approved Insense.- Insense is an international company with offices in North America and Europe. We have longstanding relationships with key agencies and brands, including Nestle, Pantene, Puma, Oral-B, etc etc. The safety of creators’ data on Insense is crucial to our operations, so we treat privacy and security with the highest level of importance.
  3. Payment Guarantee.- When you get hired on a campaign with a brand, the price you agree on is frozen on the brand’s account (the money is being held for you). As soon as the brand marks your content complete, your payment will be transferred to your Insense account.
  4. Help is Always Available.- The Insense support team is always on standby to help with any issues or questions you have. Unclear about what a brand needs? Question about account setup? Just chat or email us, and we’ll get back to you within 1 working day.
Authorization Issues
Commun Problems
I don’t see the authorization code from Insense in my Instagram DMs
Make sure to check the “requests” section of your direct messages. This will at the top of your DM’s screen. If you still don’t have a code, send us a chat message, and we’ll troubleshoot the issue.
What should I do if I get the error “Something went wrong”?
  1. Check your internet connection. Being momentarily disconnected can result in this message.
  2. Make sure that you have the latest version of the app installed. If not, update it.
  3. Restart the application.
Did the error appear again?
Write to [email protected] and we will find out what the problem is.
What should I do if I get the error “This account already exists”?
Please let us know if this error occurs. If you work with an agency or manager, there’s a chance they may have created an account for you. We can look into this and resolve it for you.
Work with Brands Offers
You already applied to a Campaign in our Platform
I haven’t heard back from a brand yet, what should I do?
Insense works to ensure that brands actively respond to all creators, but each brand has their own workflow, so response times will vary. In all cases, you will receive a response from the brand within 2 weeks of applying for a campaign. In your chat with the brand, you will be able to see if brands have seen/read your messages.
I’m not getting campaign offers - what should I do?
The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure your profile is fully completed; the more info there is on your profile, the more likely it is that brands will see you in searches. Plus, make sure to fill out your profile section with your best work too.
What is the difference between campaigns in the“Match” and “All” sections?
The “Match” section includes exclusive campaigns to which brands invite you . The brand used a search engine on the platform and found your profile to be the most appropriate for this particular campaign.

The “All” section contains campaigns that are open to all creators. Feel free to browse these campaigns and apply for any that seem like a fit. After you submit your bid, the brand will consider it and reach out to you.

To increase the chances of getting into the campaign, completely fill out your profile in the app, add previous works with brands to your portfolio.
How is the recommended price calculated and why does it not change?
The recommended price is based on the dynamics of the activity level of your subscribers and their quantity. The higher the ratio of audience involvement to the number of subscribers, the higher your recommended price is.

In addition, if you work with the application for more than 6 months and participated in one or several campaigns, the system calculates the average price of your responses in the past and sets it as recommended.
Can I set a different price than recommended?
Of course. You can set the price higher or lower than recommended. But keep in mind: setting a price that is too high reduces your chances of being selected to participate in campaigns. Familiarize yourself with the brief, estimate the volume of the work to be done and put the cost of cooperation, which will reflect the effort.
How do I know when a Brand has hired me for a campaign?
Once a brand accepts your bid, you will get a notification via push notification, and by email. Make sure you have push notifications enabled, and are able to check the email address you registered with.

As soon as a brand approves you (and before you’ve submitted your content), the agreed upon payment amount will be held for you until you submit your final content.

Once you’ve submitted content, and the brand approves it, your payment will be available. Payment will be sent to you via the payment method you specified in your profile (bank transfer or PayPal).
Let's talk about business
How can I be sure that I will be paid?
All brands working on Insense have pre-paid for creator content. When a brand approves you for working on a campaign, the agreed-upon payment amount is immediately frozen on the brand’s account.

As soon as you complete your project with the brand, your payment will be released from the brand and go directly to your account at Insense
What’s the payment process?
You can request a withdrawal in the“payout”section. Specify the amount you would like to withdraw.

Applications are processed within 3 business days. Pay attention to your payment method. Money will be automatically sent to the account specified by you in the app.

From the sum less than $50 the commission of a bank for a transaction in the amount of $5 is charged. Amounts over $50 can be withdrawn without commission.
Is my income at Insense being taxed?
Your income at Insense can be taxed according to the law of the country where you live. It is your responsibility to learn the rules of tax legislation and pay taxes on your income on time.
Rights and Security
Where can I find the Privacy Policy?
Insense values the reputation and safety of our users. All terms of the Privacy Policy can be found in the Personal Data section of the profile settings.
Is it safe for my account to use the app?
Logging in to Instagram, Facebook Ads, or YouTube via Insense is secure. Logins to these platforms via Insense happen using those platforms’ authentication frameworks. In other words, logging in to Facebook via Insense is just as secure as logging in to Facebook in any other instance. Neither Insense nor our advertisers are ever able to access your private data.
Who owns the content rights?
When uploading a photo or video through Insense, you are transfering the rights to use the photo, video and accompanying text (caption) to Insense according to the user agreement. Works with your authorship can be used in official advertising on Instagram, by Insense or the brand with which you collaborated. This means that your post can be run as an ad, running with your Instagram handle.
What should I do if I have a disagreement with the brand?
Please consider Insense as a resource in mediating any issues you have. You can reach out to us about any issue you have. In the case of any discrepancy, if you have met all conditions of a campaign (adhered to all aspects of the brief), then you are eligible for payment.

If any conditions of the campaign are not met, then you may not be eligible for payment. Please read all briefs carefully before submitting a bid.
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