Here you`ll find the description of every step in an influencer campaign.

Campaign creation
Change search parameters
At anytime when choosing influencers, you can edit your search parameters just by clicking on the funnel button.

Search influencers by name
If you know specific influencers you would like to work with, click the magnifier button above the media plan, type the influencer`s Instagram name and click on the search result. They'll be added to your media plan.

Add additional influencers to a media plan
If you want to see more influencers in a media plan, just use the "Add influencer" button. It`ll add another influencer to your plan, regardless of the number of the influencers and the budget you put in search parameters on the first step.

Save your media plan
When you are satisfied with the amount of the influencers and their profile stats, click the "Save" button. All prices shown do not include taxes.
Sending your brief
Choose the Prebrief option if you`d like check your budget options, get a list of interested influencers or have 2 months or longer before the campaign launch date. However, keep in mind that interested influencers could not be available a later date or be involved in other projects.
As soon as you submit the brief to influencers, they`ll get a notification through their Insense app and be able to respond to your request. Insense allows them up to 3 days to accept or decline your brief.

Full brief
When campaigns details are set, already have specific requirements for an inluencers` content and you are satisfied with the list of influencers and budget, choose the Full brief option. Here, you are submitting info directly to the influencer, so consider this in your communication.
Be sure that you include all important information for the brief before submitting. Proper cooperation at this stage is on your terms and you cannot change a brief or list of influencers after sending.
From there, Influencers get notified about your request in their Insense app. Further, they can accept the Full brief, suggest their price or reject the request. They are allowed up to 3 days to answer. You`ll be notified about each influencers decision by email. The influencers status is also available in the system at any time.
In the Media plan, you see the average price per post. At the same time, the Full brief you submit may contain extra requests to produce the content (ex. visiting an event, make a shot during a specific day or time, etc.). In this case, the influencer has an opportunity to suggest another price per post for your campaign.
If an influencer rejected your request or suggested a price outside of your budget, you can remove or replace that influencer. Use the "Replace" button to add a new influencer to your plan and send them your Full brief.
Request an invoice
When all influencer answers are received and you're satisfied with the final influencer list, click the "Request invoice" button. Insense will get a notification and send you an invoice within 1-2 business days. After payment is made, your Insense account balance will be cleared and you will receive an email notification.

Campaign launch
When your balance is cleared, you can launch the campaign by the hitting the "Start campaign" button and your influencers will be notified through the app.
Sample delivery
If you choose the sample delivery option in the Full brief, you can view an influencer`s address and phone number. From there, you can enter planned delivery dates for each influencer. Influencers will receive notifications and will wait for your sample to arrive up to that date. As soon as an influencer receives the sample, they hit a button in the app and you are notified via email the delivery is complete.
Content creation and publication
Choose the date of publication
You can set the publication period for every influencer in your media plan. Influencers will be notified via the app and receive specific dates when they can publish approved content. It`s important to remember that it`s a mutual deadline from that moment on.

Content approval
Influencers will create custom photo/video content and text and submit it to you via their Insense app. You`ll receive an email notification as soon as content is ready. If an influencer`s content meets your requirements as outlined in the Full brief, then click the "Approve" button in the system. If an influencers content has some inaccuracies, then click the "Reject" button and enter detailed comments specifying the reason for rejection in the form. Remember that your change request must be in line with the Full brief that the influencer had accepted.
Additionally, you can send the influencer a message to clarify any details and get their answer in the content approval section. If you face any issues during the process of approving content, please let the Insense team know by sending email to We`ll evaluate each situation carefully and do our best to alleviate any issue. (Terms of use, Sponsored campaigns).

Content publication
As soon as you approve an influencer`s content, they will receive a mobile notification. At the date of publication, the influencer will also receive a reminder. After publishing content, the influencer must add their post link to the Insense app. You`ll get an email notification with the link. If the published content is correct, then click the "Approve" button in the system. The influencer can only receive their payment after this approval.

As the campaign runs, we carefully track data on likes, comments and video views of published posts. You are able to view results of any campaign by clicking on the campaign card in your Insense profile at any time.
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