About Insense

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What is Insense?
Dmitry from Insense
Insense is a platform that connects Creators with Brands and pays Creators for the branded content and posts they produce. Brands submit offers via our app and creators opt-in to those gigs if they fit the bill. When Creators match with a Brand, they recieve a breif, begin producing content and get paid once complete.
Why does Insense use a mobile app instead over a web app version?
Dmitry from Insense:
Our experience working with Brands and Creators have shown that the app makes it easier and more convenient to produce / submit content, complete more gigs and receive more offers, all on the go!
I'm an Andorid user. Can I work with Insense?
Dmitry from Insense
Currently no, sadly. But we're taking our vitamins and eating our veggies to change this so android users could use the app soon!
Which social networks can I bind to my account?
Dmitry from Insense
Currently, Instagram is the only platform we work with. Register with your account you can track stats, create and publish content. Instagram is one of the fastest growing social platforms in the world! Brands are willing to invest big bucks for quality content by Instagram creators.
I live outside of the US. Can I use Insense?
Dmitry from Insense
You can absolutely use Insense outside the US, but the number of potential offers may not always be as large. We're always working to expand our offerings, but most Brands look for US-based Creators these days.
I'm already a member of another Creator platform. Can I still use Insense?
Dmitry from Insense
We don't get jealous, so there's no problem with it. Use other platforms as you like and welcome to Insense!
How do I know that I can be qualified as a Creator on the Insense Platform.
Dmitry from Insense
Anyone can download our app but to apply/participate in campaigns, you need at least 5,000 followers on Instagram. Not quite there yet? Check back with us as your following grows. It's not just about followers, though. Creators on Insense have talent! Brands look for Creators who have an eye, a lens, and a knack for consistently generating quality content that connects with their audience. Even if your account has a ton of followers, it's no guarantee that a Brand will select a you for a campaign. The quality of content has to align with the Brand's vision, too.