Speed up campaigns with automated shipping

Easily connect your Shopify account to Insense to enhance your influencer marketing campaigns and drive sales.

Upscale paid social with creators

Link your Shopify store to Insense with one click

Automate the process of sending products to influencers

Easily check "order status" for creators from Insense

Connect Shopify to Insense with one click

Connect your Shopify store to Insense with just a few clicks. Enjoy a hassle-free setup process that lets you jump right into leveraging influencer marketing:

  • Instant integration

  • No technical skills required

  • Start launching campaigns in minutes after connecting your store

Integrate your Shopify page with Insense
a screenshot Shopify integration on Insense platform

Effortlessly manage orders within Insense

Create one or more Shopify orders directly from Insense for different types of collaborations. Manage it all without ever leaving Insense:

  • Create orders for influencer campaigns

  • Manage multiple orders seamlessly

  • Direct operation from the Insense dashboard

Stay up-to-date: Track your order status

Stay on top of your campaign's logistics with real-time updates on your Shopify orders through Insense. From confirmation to delivery, never miss a beat on the status of your orders:

  • Real-time order updates

  • Full visibility from confirmation to delivery

  • Manage and track without switching platforms

Shopify Status - Insense Platform

Start driving more sales today with Insense + Shopify

Start your influencer marketing journey by connecting your store.