Run ads using the creator's handle

Whitelisted ads on Facebook almost always win over traditional branded ads. They simply don’t look like an ad. They promote social proof and drive higher CTRs and watch times.

Creator Licensing Feature

What is Creator Licensing?

Creator Licensing (Influencer Whitelisting) is the process of a creator allowing a brand to amplify their content by running ads from their handle to temporarily adopt their image and influence.

This allows fresh creatives to come from the creator's handle rather than typically from the brand's handle.

Creator Licensing, compared to traditional brand ads, appears as if the content is coming directly from the creator, which provides greater social proof and authenticity.

The benefits of Creator Licensing for brands

Control who sees the creator's post and even target it to a wider relevant audience of people who don’t follow them, by building lookalike audiences from the creator’s first-party data

The ability to make edits to the copy and creative of your Creator Licensed post for A/B testing while the ad is live for optimal ad performance

Brands don't need to write #ad for Creator Licensed posts since they are called out as "sponsored", so there are no FTC concerns and the Ad looks more authentic

Lengthening the shelf life of a creator’s post, which is especially beneficial for formats like Instagram Stories that disappear in 24 hours

Brands don't need to rely on organic posts to deliver results, Creator Licensed posts appear as Ads to the targeted users, rather than within the creator's feed

See first-hand insights on how well each creator performs for the marketing objectives, then use this to inform future briefs and identify the most effective creator profiles

How to set up a Creator Licensing campaign on Insense

The Creator Licensing (previously Whitelisting) process looks like this; by clicking "Connect to Ads Manager" the creator gets an invite from a brand, the creator goes manually into their Facebook Business Manager to grant the brand the relevant permissions, and right away the brand is able to hop into their Ad Account to create Ads and even audiences from their handle.

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get started.

This powerful tool is changing the game of endorsements, sponsorships, brand reviews, and word-of-mouth marketing tactics.

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