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Receive comprehensive creative briefs, each detailing a unique UGC concept developed with creative insight and an understanding of your marketing goals

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Why Use Our Creative Concepts Service

Our new Creative Concepts service is designed to assist our clients with creative direction, briefing, and seamless content production.

Fresh Concepts To Test

 If you're seeking new ideas or need fresh approaches to test, our in-house creative team, experts in social media content, will develop concepts that fit your brand's goals, drawing from our daily insights into what works for brands like yours.

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Ready-to-Launch Briefs

Receive comprehensive creative briefs that can be immediately put into production and communicated to content creators. We’ll guide you in incorporating these concepts into your creative brief on our platform, ensuring a seamless and efficient process for creating high-quality UGC ads.

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Scale UGC Library

Based on the best case practices for creating modular UGC content, from the three concept briefs we provide, you will be able to produce 12 UGC ads designed for creative testing, alongside building a library of multiple raw assets

Plan Details & Pricing

Get Fresh UGC Concepts for Your Ads

You will receive three bespoke UGC concepts, developed with creative insights and presented in a comprehensive creative brief format.

Each concept includes:
  • Detailed shot specifications

  • Hook and CTA variations

  • Suggested talking points and scenes

  • A list of B-roll footage

  • Video references

From these concepts, you can create:
  • Four UGC Ads Per Concept (In Total 12 UGC Ads)

  • A library of raw assets

Preview an Example of Our Custom Ad Concepts Presentation

Based on the best case practices for creating modular UGC content, you’ll receive a detailed brief for each concept

How It Works

Step 1

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Brief Completion by Client

Kickstart the process with a detailed brief about your brand, audience, and goals, set to be completed within 3 days.

3 days

Step 2

Concept Creation by Insense Team

Our creative team dedicates 7 days to crafting your ad concepts, ensuring alignment with your vision and brand values.

7 Days

Step 3

Review and Feedback

Explore the creative concepts we've developed for you. Provide your feedback or request revisions within 2 days, ensuring perfect alignment with your expectations.

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