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Get engaging UGC and run ads effortlessly with the Insense and partnership.

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Use Insense for content creation and Smartly for ads management

Insense and have joined forces to offer a powerful solution that combines the best of content creation and advertising management. This partnership brings together Insense's expertise in producing high-quality user-generated content and's advanced advertising management platform.

How it works

UGC creation

⚡ Submit your brief to Insense

⚡ Get applications from UGC creators

⚡ Hire creators and receive your content


Content placement  for ads

⚡ Turn your UGC videos into ads

⚡ Upload the videos to

⚡ Run a variety of ad placements

⚡ Optimize your ads

⚡ View your ad performance

Scale UGC creation

Get unique and engaging UGC

Get diverse UGC content for your ads, that resonates with your customers, and is native to your specific social media platform

10 - 14 days turnaround

Different UGC types from unboxing to testimonials

Multiple assets from 1 creator collab; get various hooks, CTAs, B-rolls, both ready-to-use + raw content for creative testing

Delegate content production to experienced creators

Get matched with 20,000+ vetted and experienced UGC creators.

All types of creators from beauty to pets, from health to outdoors

Different ages from teenagers to mature women aged 40+

Build your roster of creators for long-term collabs

Streamline your UGC production

Automate your content production with our easy to use features: brief, direct chat, creator marketplace, campaign management and so on.

One marketer can manage multiple creator collaborations

Automated payments and full copyrights included

One-click solution for influencer ads

Get perfect creator matches via filters, algorithm, creator's portfolios and reviews

Creators can apply directly to your campaigns

Customer reviews

"I was blown away by how fast we got the content, the creators were very responsive and the quality was high and ultimately generated purchases"
Carol Stangeland

Carolyn Stangeland

Sr. Creative Strategist, Kulin Co

"Insense has helped us to be more efficient with our social media strategy, and build our content library so we have much more content to post"
Sofia Fascia

Sofia Fascia

Social Media Manager, Woxer

"Using Insense to source top-tier creative talent was super easy, and connecting up to each creator’s account for whitelisting was a breeze as well"
Alex McEvoy

Alex McEvoy

Founding Partner, Opopop

Unlock premium benefits at an affordable price

Discover Insense and's Enterprise plan Enterprise Plan

Scale your UGC ad production, grow organic reach via influencer partnerships + optimize whitelisted ads on TikTok and Instagram - plus enjoy the additional benefits of the Enterprise Plan.



Annual subscription

A 3-month period to test the Enterprise Plan, with a 10% marketplace fee. Automatically renews to the annual subscription
12 months with one-time payment $30,000, and a 10% marketplace fee

Pricing Trial

A 3-month period to test the Enterprise Plan, with a 10% marketplace fee. Automatically renews to the annual subscription

Pricing Annual subscription

12 months with one-time payment $30,000, and a 10% marketplace fee

What's included in the plan

Use cases

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Just Content
Influencer Partnerships
Creator Ads


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Campaigns launched per month
# of creators you can hire
Creator licenses (whitelisting)
# of brands per account

Platform features

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Creator Marketplace
Branded Content Ads & TikTok Spark Ads
Creator's audience insights
Direct chat with creators
Creative brief templates
Content library
Full content copyrights
Multi-user account permissions

Customer support

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Creative workshops by & Insense
Dedicated creator scouting
Ongoing support
Dedicated Enterprise CSM


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Per additional brand
Managed Service: Insense will hire and communicate with the creators (up to 10 creators/mo)
Custom raw data reports

Enterprise features

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Bespoke Agreement
Tailored Invoicing
FB + TT + Creative Library

How it works


Book a 30 min call with Insense                 

Our team will provide a demo of the platform, give helpful advice about UGC and tips for working with creators, and will answer all of your questions.


Purchase the Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Plan gives you exclusive access to both Insense and To purchase the plan, request the special link from our sales team after your demo call.


Launch your campaign

Fill out the creative brief to start your campaign and immediately begin collaborating with creators.

Unlock the potential of UGC ads to drive higher conversions

Book a free 30-min demo call

We'll discuss a personalized strategy and show you how our platform works.