Creator Ads

Run whitelisted ads on Instagram & TikTok

Optimize creator-made ads on Facebook (Whitelisting) and TikTok (Spark Ads).

UGC Creators - Color Patterns

It is cost effective

It builds trust with your audience

It gives social proof

It portrays authenticity

Creator Ads

Authentic ads with creators

Native appearance

Whitelisted ads look native to the platform which drives higher ROAS.

Higher engagement

Thumbstops, watch times and CTRs are almost always better than traditional ads.

Cleaner feed

Whitelisted ads keeps the creator + brand pages clean, focused and free of ads.

A/B testing

A/B test ad copy optionally at the ad level to improve conversions.

A new way of influencing purchase decisions

Start using this advanced paid media strategy.

Creator Ads

Start using this advanced marketing strategy

Based on Meta's research "branded content from creator handles drove action intent at an 87% lower cost per incremental person, outperforming with 86% confidence compared to branded content from the brand handle."

Creator Ads

Expand reach with whitelisted ads

Create ads that look native to the platform

Businesses now have the potential to expand their reach by creating branded content. Branded content ads let you amplify content from a creator’s handle, providing access to potential consumers in addition to a creator’s organic audience.

You can use this function in TikTok with Spark Ads and on Instagram with Creator Licensing.

Creator Ads

Enable Creator Licensing on Instagram and Spark Ads on TikTok through Insense

Enable creator licensing on Instagram

Enable creator licensing on Instagram

Amplify and use the content to target a specific audience while simultaneously increasing the influencer’s reach, giving them a chance to attract new followers.

Enable Spark Ads on TikTok

Enable Spark Ads on TikTok

Have the ability to turn top-performing organic UGC into ads that blend into the authentic and homemade nature of the "For You Page".

Here’s what our users say

Reviews from active Insense users.

G2 Reviews
"Insense is an intuitive and well-designed platform that makes it so much easier and efficient to run influencer campaigns at scale. Having the end to end infleuncer outreach process in one place allows a start-up like ourselves to punch above its weight with the resource we have. Also, the whitelisting feature that allows you to amplify content is a game-changer for ROI."

Jack N

Head of Marketing

"I can get UGC content fast and easily, which helps improve the performance of marketing campaigns."

Svetlana D.

Head of Marketing

"The ability to find and use influencers for different types of projects—in our case, from partnership, whitelisting accounts for ads, or content creation. We've found some really great creators that we likely wouldn't have discovered without Insense. Some of these partnerships have also been long-lasting as influencers continue to create content for our brands."

Taylor P.

Senior Marketing Manager

Start working with creators in 3 easy steps

Every step is integrated into the platform to streamline your collaborations.


Create a brief


Create a brief

Fill out the interactive brief in a few minutes by selecting the relevant options for your campaign and choosing your desired creator profile.

Create a brief

Get matched to the right creators

Match Creators

Get matched to the right creators

We will match you to the perfect creator profiles that fit with your brand and campaign goal. Review the selection and start your collaborations.

Get matched to the right creators

Get content

Get content

Get content

Receive content from your creators directly through the chat. Request revisions or click approve, and download the content for your ads.

Get content

Find creators for short-term + long-term partnerships

Join the 1500+ eCommerce marketers using Insense to scale their UGC ads library - it only takes 10 days to get UGC.

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