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Drive Results with Influencer Whitelisting
Whitelisting is the process of an influencer granting a brand permission to post content and run sponsored ads from the influencer's Facebook or Instagram account. As an official Facebook Marketing Partner, Insense has a whitelisting feature directly integrated into our platform. We work with our network of content creators and influencers to create a seamless whitelisting process for you. Insense helps you commission branded content and then whitelist it.
Some of the benefits:
The ability to retarget posts and get the number of impressions you need Quality

Influencer Ads yield >2X ROAS than traditional brand ads

Access analytics on influencer ad performance to measure content success and drive ROI
Check out more benefits and tips of using Influencer Whitelisting and start making a bigger impact for your business, whether that's increased brand awareness, more engagement, or a boost in sales.
Open your Business Manager account and create New campaign/Ad Set/Ad. In the"Identity"section, select the creator's Facebook page. Their Instagram account will automatically populate below
In your chat interface with your creator select "Connect to Ads Manager" and authorize on FB
Select your FB business manager account and click "connect"
Using the ad preview tool, check that your ad is set to run on the creator's handle. Now you're all set!
How it works
Success Stories
If you'd like to learn more or you're ready to start whitelisting, please book a demo call here.
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