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Alex Fedorenko
Alex Fedorenko
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It’s been over a year since the pandemic started, and things worldwide are changing; the graphic design industry is no exception.

With social distancing and companies shifting to a work-from-home process, the opportunity is golden for content creators to shine this 2022.

If you’re an expert in your field, you write killer blog posts or create videos that engage dozens, it’s time to take a look at the trends that will make your content special, attractive and eye catching. We’re talking about these trends that are foolproof and will give your online content an oomph.

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Why Is Graphic Design Important

Good design shouldn’t be a struggle. The Internet era is now a way of life, you can order food, share your location, talk to your appliances through an assistant, and almost anything can be done with decent wifi and a computer.  

What does this have to do with design? Well, it’s 2022, and you absolutely don’t need sophisticated software licenses or even an education in design to create visuals that look professional.

Using online tools allows you to create your designs in seconds, so you can spend your time adding other value to your content instead of focusing on creating a graphic piece from scratch.

Pro tip: Get video and smart design templates to customize your designs to fit the rest of your content.

What Is a Content Creator

The very definition is pretty straightforward, but creating content is just not enough. In order to be an outstanding creator, your content must be exciting and inspiring, and sometimes informative, depending on your forte.

Also, make sure you’re creating relevant content. There are a few questions that will tell you if you’re relevant.

  • Is my content easy to understand?
  • Does this content solve a problem?
  • Am I connecting with the audience? If so, is this the right audience for it?
  • How is this content different from the rest?
  • What am I getting out of this?

So, focus your efforts towards in-depth quality, don’t spend too much time on the outer part of it.  There are lots of content creator tools that will make your life easier. You’ll be amazed by how much you can get done in no time.

Design Trends for Your Content Creator Kit

Now that the basics are clear, let’s get to the core of this post: the trends to follow this year. Sure, your content has its essence, but stepping into one or two of these trends won’t hurt when done correctly, and it could connect with new audiences if that is one of your goals in the long run.  

One quick comment before exploring: be aware that nothing is set in stone. Last year, we didn’t know what to expect from a world developing pandemic, and trends come and go. This is a guide based on what professional designers have evaluated as the upcoming must-haves.

3D Lettering

This is a popular one! 3D lettering visuals are great for younger audiences because it’s playful and versatile.

This kind of visuals offers an instant appeal for short copy and catchy expressions, not so much for educational purposes since they are not always the best fit to read clearly. However, they are perfect for artists, performers, and Gen-Z-focused content creators.

different ads using 3D Lettering

Anime Inspiration

Kawaii desu ne! Cute alert! Anime inspiration is the perfect homage to manga characters.

Build your content around anime aesthetics for a cute and romantic feel.

Although this trend is suitable for young audiences of any type for content, it is an absolute must for those who stream on Twitch or post how-tos on YouTube.

Anime Inspiration posters

Retro Cartoon

Retro cartoons have a vintage feel, but to make it modern you need to add some wit. This trend includes a broad range of cartoons inspired by the first animated toons from the 1950s to the 1990s shows that we all loved.

If you wanna dig deeper into retro inspiration, take a look at this vintage graphic design guide. The trend is perfect to create nostalgic content.

Retro Cartoon images

Botanical Art

Nature is the greatest inspiration of all time. This trend is perfect to those who focus on wellness, self-care or need to give their content a soft look. These also make for very popular t-shirt designs so could make a nice addition to your merch store.

Needless to say this is the best way to go for plant lovers spreading green love through the internet!

Botanical Art collage

Simple Monochrome

Musicians, artists and streamers can all benefit from this. Creating monochrome visuals makes a statement and catches the eye.

Simple Monochrome images

Old School Tattoo Inspiration

This trend is one for the bold, and the inspiration comes from traditional style tattoos.

Designs with bold colors, bold lines and gothic typography are the key to recreate these popular tattoos that remind us of the old times, the ones that tattoo artists all over the world seem to love and cherish.

Old School Tattoo Inspiration images

A Few Last Words

What do you think about these trends? Did you find this post useful? Please share! Or if you want to let other creators know what’s hot for this year, tell them about this guide.

In case you want to leave a comment and share a tip or two, we’d love to hear about you!

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