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Manana Papiashvili
Manana Papiashvili
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Content creators — a diverse group that includes celebrities, micro-influencers, and even some public figures — have imprinted themselves as our tastemakers and cultural thought-leaders; they’re the trendsetters that share creative, engaging content that generates conversation. Brands and companies have realized this and have been leveraging the social currency of influencers through mutually-beneficial partnerships. 

When in these brand partnerships, it becomes the influencer’s job to promote a brand’s products or services and to create desire in the audience. However, a major part of these partnerships is using the branded content feature that’s built into Instagram. With this feature, creators can be more transparent about their brand partnerships. Meanwhile, these brands benefit by being able to share their messages with more targeted and qualified audiences.

To help you better promote your own brand to your influencers’ audiences, we’re going to be discussing branded content on Instagram. In particular, we’ll be going over how to tag branded content on Instagram and why Insense  is the tool to boost your Instagram branded content.

What is Branded Content on Instagram?

Instagram defines branded content as “a creator or publisher's content that features or is influenced by a business partner for an exchange of value (for example, where the business partner has paid the creator or publisher).” It was created to ensure transparency with brand partnerships and sponsorships, and so businesses and creators can track the performance of their marketing campaigns. 

You may have noticed there’s a lot of this branded content in our Instagram feeds. In theory, you might think that the average consumer would be put-off by content that promotes products or services, but that’s not the case. According to reports, 68% of people use Instagram to interact with these creators and influencers. This has made the prospect of partnering with influencers for the purpose of marketing incredibly valuable to brands and businesses. 

In spite of their transparency, influencers and creators have loyal, dedicated followers who appreciate the creators’ authenticity and who enjoy their branded content. However, this isn’t a situation that’s beneficial only to the creators and brands; consumers benefit from exposure to products and services that are tailored to their interests. And because this content comes from creators who are considered credible and relatable, the audience becomes much more likely to invest in the products and services being promoted in the branded content.

With implications for brands, influencers, and audiences alike, branded content has become central to influencer marketing. It has created a situation where brands can reach audiences that they may not normally be able to tap into while influencers get opportunities to monetize their talents and skills while creating unique branded stories. 

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How to Tag Branded Content on Instagram

By tagging branded content, influencers can be more transparent about brand partnerships with their followers. Of course, brands also benefit from influencers’ transparency because being transparent with the audience is how influencers maintain their authenticity. 

You can identify branded content on Instagram by the “Paid Partnership with ...” that will be located below the creator's name (where the location tag is typically located). For Instagram Stories, the branded content tag will appear below the creator’s name and serve as a hyperlink to the business partner’s own Instagram page.

How to Turn On Branded Content Tags on Instagram

  1. Click Options. Then click Business Settings.
  2. Click Branded Content Approvals (in the Business Settings section).
  3. Turn on Require Approvals.

How to Utilize Insights From Branded Content 

Branded content on Instagram provides access to post insights to both the creator and the brand. This means brands can track the performance of their branded content and gauge the value of their influencer partnerships. 

Tracking performance data for branded content is crucial because it helps both brands and creators to better understand the audience and, in turn, improve marketing campaigns. With access to detailed performance data for branded content, brands can measure the efficacy of the creator partnerships. 

How Brands Can Track Insights for Branded Content

  1. Click the Insights tab on your business’ Facebook Page.
  2. Click Branded Content.
  3. Click on an influencer’s post to view its insights.
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How to Branded Content on Instagram with Insense

With Insense, brands and businesses can get custom branded content made by experienced and talented creators. Instead of having to search for brand partnerships the hard way, Insense makes finding creators simpler and more straightforward due to our database of thousands of creators. 

The Insense community consists of diverse creators who represent a wide range of categories, demographics, and content styles. Most importantly, Insense thoroughly vets every creator to verify their skill sets and engagement data as well as to ensure professionalism and reliability. 

Because of our robust creator search and filtering capabilities, you can use Insense to find content creators in your market or industry. Once you’ve found your ideal creator(s), you can immediately begin a partnership to get high-quality branded content that will resonate with your target audience. And once the content has been created, your influencer partners can share and tag the branded content on Instagram, which will begin recording and delivering insights to you.

Insense is a creative platform for influencer marketing that delivers results and gives brands the opportunity to extend their reach through captivating branded content made by qualified influencers and creators. With influencer-led branded content becoming more prevalent, there’s no better time to jump on the branded-content bandwagon with Insense

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Why Insense is the Best Tool to Boost Your Branded Content on Instagram

Have you been considering influencer marketing for your brand or business? If so, then buckle up because Insense is a real game-changer when it comes to influencer marketing. 

With Insense, finding creators and partnerships for  branded content couldn’t be easier. When you’re looking for the best tool to boost your branded content on Instagram, Insense will streamline the process and experience of working with content creators. 

It all starts with your brief, which is an outline of the branded content you need for your influencer marketing campaign. From there, all processes are automated and tailored to your brand needs. Because we work with only the most skilled and experienced creators, you can get just about any type of content for any media campaign: vertical videos for paid channels; organic posts on a brand’s feed; branded photos for your website; or even a pre-roll for a YouTube video. 

Offering deep integration with Facebook Ads Manager and other social advertising platforms, Insense combines the authentic creativity and the diverse voices of creators with the powerful reach, targeting, and analytics of paid social. 

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