How to Use Influencer Marketing in Beauty Industry Effectively?

Domenic Smith
Domenic Smith
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Each entrepreneur strives for the highest ROI and to reach as many potential customers as possible. But the beauty industry is one of the most competitive sectors of business, so how do you plan to make your way to your customers? This question gets particularly acute when your budget is limited. Find out how contemporary tools – like Insense – will help you to make your way to your customers and stay financially afloat.

Whether you work for a small beauty brand or represent a multinational FMCG company setting realistic goals about how many people you are going to influence could help you avoid unnecessary spendings. For example, Insense platform that connects brands with influencers has one of the most competitive pricing policies in the digital market.

Let’s go deeper about how to use influencer marketing in the beauty industry and stay within budget.

How Many People Do Influencers Influence in the Beauty Market? Set Realistic Goals

Are you going to launch a niche product – like, an innovative organic anti-age lipstick designed especially for a high-class luxury marketing segment? Or you need to give some boost to the same old good, mass-market shampoo? Estimating your potential target audience scale and adjusting out your KPIs will help you narrow your influencer search.

Here are some examples of how Insense platform helped its clients to build a network of influencers and reach planned marketing goals.

make up

New to the Influencer Digital Marketing in the Beauty Sector? Think of Role Models

The beauty industry is known for its’ charismatic spokespersons. But who of them would be the best for your brand? Here you’ll need to get a closer look onto your target audience. Do you know how your potential customer looks? What TV shows he or she watches and what kind of food loves? What are your customer’s desires and dreams? Knowing this information is quite important, as it could give you an invaluable insight into the perfect influencer who your consumer would trust and, hopefully, love.

Your influencer should be an ultimate role model for your target audience. As we know from pop culture, a role model usually shares some features with us while, at the same time, has something – status, talent, skills – we want to have ourselves. In other words, a role model is someone we want to become “when we grow up”. This will help you to find the most desirable influencer who corresponds with your beauty brand values and effectively communicates them. So keeping a “perfect-role-model” idea in mind will help you to build an ideal influencer portrait for your brand. On Insense you can search influencers by their location, gender, age and even hashtags, which helps you to find the best fit for your brand.

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Micro-Influencers Are the Big Force of the Digital Marketing in Beauty Sector

You might think that influencers are famous folks who have at least 100 000 followers. But this situation has changed dramatically since micro-influencers have taken the digital marketing scene and became a big trend. Although the number of followers they have might not look impressive from the first sight – from 1000 to 100 000 – they represent the major power, which is particularly noticeable in the beauty sector.

So why to use micro-influencers for beauty digital marketing? They have several main features that distinguish them from the macro-influencers. These features are particularly useful and valuable in the beauty industry, as they help build trust with your brand. In most cases, micro-influencers represent regular people, customers who use your product every day and are willing to give you honest feedback. Micro-influencers often produce more relatable and authentic content than their macro peers, they charge less and are happy to collaborate, their content looks more credible for your target audience – so there’s no wonder why this tool became a "new black" in today's digital marketing. On Insense you could find out how to reach the micro-influencers who match your brand and provide the best content on the digital market.

Micro-Influencers Are the Big Force of the Digital Marketing in Beauty Sector

How to Avoid Scammers When Working with Beauty Influencer Industry Marketing

We all know that there are all sorts of scammers on Instagram and beyond – starting from inexperienced wannabes without credible portfolios to fake accounts that pretend to be real people. Even though Instagram put multiple efforts to keep scammers at bay, there’s still a possibility to run into one sooner or later.

How to deal with that? First of all, do not panic – there is a cure out there. You can do influencers screening by yourself, but checking in with each potential influencer and verifying their credentials is a tedious process, which requires lots of attention and knowledge of Instagram algorithms. Good news is that you can delegate this boring job to Insense – all creators here are vetted by the platform professionals and went through a multi-step verification process.

How to Avoid Scammers When Working with Beauty Influencer Industry Marketing

Estimate How Many People Have Your Influencers Influenced, Tweak and Repeat

Finding the right pool of influencers could be a very tedious, time-consuming but rewarding process – you meet new cool people, get a fresh perspective of your product and see how your audience grows. But digital marketing in the beauty sector is a live process that needs constant tweaking, adjusting and improving – so don’t lose your spirits if your KPIs grow not that fast as you expected.

Growing your loyal audience takes creativity, passion and enthusiastic influencers. Even though no one knows your brand better than you do, there are lots of people around who are willing to help your brand to thrive. And Insense with its wide network of talented creators is always here for you.

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