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Alex Fedorenko
Alex Fedorenko
Managing Partner & Co-Founder at Insense

Video rules the internet.

We know this because every single stat and data points to one thing – people engage with video more than any other type of content, sometimes up to 60% more for just ads alone. 60% more views, clicks, conversions and best of all - paying customers would be nice, wouldn’t it? And if you want to grab your audience in a way like no other, you need video content that separates you from the competition (who are probably jumping on the video bandwagon, too).

Fortunately finding the best video content creators for your product or service is no longer a compromise between getting your friend with a camera to make an amateur video or hiring an exorbitantly expensive agency to handle production and placement. Online platforms like Insense.pro make it quick and easy to hire some of the best video content creators out there to create custom video content, and best of all some of them already have ready audiences of their own.

With so many things that video has got going for it, it’s time you got video going for you.

Who are Video Content Creators

From food recipes to product reviews, we digest  video content every day. Behind every one of these videos is a content creator whose job it is to make and deliver content in their chosen topic or field of expertise. Some of them are just starting out making online videos about their hobbies or things they like, while some others are household names with millions of loyal followers and immense global reach.

What they all have in common is passion for their work that translates to a real and genuine attitude towards whatever it is they are presenting.

But with there being so many different content and social media platforms out there, it’s not only important to maintain a presence on all of them, but to ensure that you collaborate with people who know the intricacies of each. Every platform and its userbase have their own specific language and way of interaction.

Youtube creators differ from Instagram or TikTok video creators who in turn are different from popular Facebook pages. Youtubers generally create longer, more in-depth content, while Snapchat and Instagram lend themselves to shorter, faster-hitting content, and their respective audiences differ in their preferences as well.

Youtubers like Isabella Lanter create popular video blogs or vlogs that are sometimes like television programs in length and breadth, where she tries out and reviews various beauty products and speaks directly and candidly with her audience. While Instagrammers like Melachicks target a very specific demographic and know how to quickly grab the attention and interest of people scrolling on their phones.

The Insense community is made up of a huge range of creators spanning categories, demographics, and content styles, so you find exactly what you need.

Why Make Video Content the Focus of Your Digital Strategy

It’s no secret, Facebook, the biggest social media network ever and the fastest growing (and arguably most powerful) ad platform in the world, prefers video, giving it twice the reach of traditional photo or text-based posts. What this means for you is that whatever content you put out there, whether in the form of paid ads or organic posts, you’ll get more eyeballs on video purely due to the nature of how the algorithm works, not even getting into the nature of how the human brain works (hint: we prefer moving pictures).

And as Facebook competes with the ever-popular YouTube and new kid on the block TikTok for eyeballs, this preference for video is only going to increase. No matter what social platform your brand is on, video is what people crave, and what the platforms, from Instagram to Snapchat, now prioritize.

Speaking of focus, those little things in our hands that we always seem to lose focus on are pretty fantastic at playing video. In fact, most modern phones are pretty much designed for enjoying video content first and foremost, and scrolling feeds are designed around bringing video content to the forefront.

And with mobile increasingly eclipsing desktop video views for the past half a decade, there’s no doubt that video is the present and future of content.

How to Find Social Media Video Content Creators

A lot of the time, knowing where to look for the right people, and letting them handle the rest, is all you need. We know how difficult it can be to really reach a target audience, but with a few rightly targeted creators you can hone in your mark and let the content be your strongest salesman.

We also know that sounds easier said than done. That’s why at Insense we’ve made it easier than ever to quickly find top social media video creators and influencers that represent the spirit of your brand and have a receptive loyal following that’s tailor-made for you. It’s cliché, we know, but it’s literally as easy as 1-2-3.

Create your Brief

Use the prompts to quickly detail your content needs and goals. Our automated system and review team will ensure your requirements are met.

Get matched with well-suited creators

Creators that meet all your criteria respond with their price. You choose whomever or however many you want from this pool of strong candidates.

Manage the campaign and communication all in one place

Keep on top of everyone and everything with our built-in management tools, and make sure the content and campaign is exactly as you want it to be.

Amplify your content!

Ok, we said 3, but there’s another step you can do for even greater reach and effectiveness, and that is to amplify your content by running influencer posts as targeted ads through our easy-to-use Facebook Ads integration.

It’s like having your very own dedicated agency and production studio, with none of the overhead.

What Online Video Content Creators Can Do for You

You probably don’t have a full creative team ready to go at all times, and that’s alright. We’ll let you in on a little secret, many of the big-name brands out there don’t either. What they do is leverage the power of online creators and influencers to create compelling and user-generated creatives that engage more naturally with an audience, resulting in lower costs per view and increased reach and conversion.

Brands like Sharpie have launched successful social campaigns by using short and sweet user-generated video content across their pages. It’s cheaper than making a single commercial ad, shows real people using their product in creative ways, and gets people sharing organically among their own circle of friends and followers.

phone screen being set up to take a picture

Video Content for Creators – The How To

If you’re a video content creator yourself or want to experiment a bit with creating your own video content, the video editing tools on Insense.pro will make it easy for both beginners and seasoned creators to fine-tune their video content. It also makes it a breeze for brands and creators to collaborate together and get exactly the look and feel that they want. Use our stories video editor to:

  •    Combine images and videos
  •    Convert images into videos
  •    Crop, trim or fit
  •    Add brand logos and text
  •    Send videos directly to Facebook/Snapchat ads manager

Still not convinced?

According to the latest Hubspot survey, 88% of video marketers reported that video gives them a positive ROI — a 5% increase on last year’s figure, and a world away from the lowly 33% who felt that way in 2015. Much has changed in the last five years, not least of which is the greatly decreased cost of creating quality custom videos. Spending less and bringing in more revenue sounds like a dream, and it no longer is.

Insense.pro connects you with the best video content creators within your budget and scope, driving more successful online campaigns than ever before at a fraction of the cost of traditional means. Give it a try today and join the future before it is here.

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